Oil Base Injection



Oil Base Injection – Well Julia Davison set us on a collision course with using oil as a base for injecting rather than water base. Really apple juice and the such is water base.

I got double pressed olive oil and liquid butter.Oil BasedI took 17 oz of olive oil and 6 ounces of liquid butter and mixed them together. They mixed so easy. Then I put a cup of Butcher open Pit Pork Injection in it.  It mixed in so easy.

Then I pulled it up into the injector and injected it.  It was a success!  As expected the oil stayed in the Butt really good.  I was surprised.

I expect the oil inside the meat will heat up and help the cooking process.  Water and sugar based injection has dominated BBQ Competition for years.  It runs out and evaporates.  This olive oil will condense like oil in the bottom of the pan.  That condensed flavor has got to be something you can actually taste.

When I went back and looked at the Butts there was a certain color and Oil Base The color is outstanding. I don’t think you can use peanut oil or canola oil it has to be Olive Oil.

I used Hog Waller from Sucklebusters for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. oil base It was so good.  I followed it with Sucklebusters Competition Rubs, Sucklebusters Texas Pecan, and Big T Swine Grind. The combination is a big winner!

The finishing touch is Royal Oak Chef Select.  It really lays down that final flavor.  It was so good.  The color, taste and smoke was great.  I’m going to try this with a brisket next and see how it turns out.FullSizeRender (14)

Mathew W Freistadt – Injection are for three things. 1 retaining moisture During cook cycle. 2 flavor imparted by water soluble Spices and flavors. 3 cost savings to end user by selling water as value added. All functioning ingredients like bicarb. Starch or phosphates assist in retaining moisture. Unfortunately fats unless they are emulsified in water will not attach to protein in meat. They will weep out after resting and surfing cook cycle. But you retain a little flavor.

BBQSuperStars -I see the opposite way water based injection add little moisture value or flavor when you work the pork its essentially gone. By using oil I plan to keep that flavor there. People say injections only add moisture well oil will stick to the meat inside and thus keep the injection there.

BBQSuperStars – America’s Test Kitchen found that meat was flavored by oil and salt not water and salt. I’m taking that research to the next level. I think the results are going to be outstanding.

Oil Base Injection