OctoForks Rotisserie

The grandest new discovery in BBQ in 2017.  OctoForks Rotisserie will triple or quadruple the amount of food you can cook in an UDS, Weber, or any other 22 inch to unlimited smoker you may use on a regular basis.  Reduce cooking times, increase flavor and equal out the temperature in your smoker by introducing this revolutionary product only found on www.octoforks.com 

Gas grills Kettles Weber Smoky Mountains, up to 5/16-1/2 inch rod, spit forks will fit anything.  Cook with up to 50 pounds on the fully electric rotisserie.  2 turkeys at a time, many racks of ribs in a small space.

You can still foil your meat. Cook the amount of time, wrap your meat, put them back on the Octofork.

OctoForks takes the weight and take a $250 UDS and cook as much as 50 pounds of meat at a time.

Vegetables, roasts, Butts, brisket, no weaving cook it in one piece and cook it faster.

You can cook at a higher temperature because the meat keeps moving.  It hits the edges instead of right down the middle.

House wives get it done faster, better, and more efficiently with OctoFork Rotisserie on your regular back yard smoker.