MIM -Memphis in May



Memphis in May is the only recognized World Championship in BBQ.  Memphis in May was the first BBQ Competition and the Greatest of all time.  If you have won Memphis in May your on top of the BBQ Mountain.  


The Memphis BBQ Network and qualifying circuit of Memphis in May is the Pro League.  Its the only pro contest in the world.  Memphis in May world Championship Series, the honesty, the pageantry, the best in the world all in one place trying to win it all. Memphis BBQ cost more because its simply a professional league not for the uncommitted. Mempis in May is the pinnacle of the circuit.  Myron Mixon has won the top World Championship 4 Times that is a World Record. Now one has won it more. Myron Mixon BBQ Memories School.

You know competing in a real pro league is expensive.  Memphis in May is the Most expensive BBQ Contest in the World.  There are teams that spend as much as $35000 a year to compete at Memphis in May.  Professionals Sports are the pinnacle of competition and not for the faint of heart.  

If you can win at Memphis in May you can win anywhere. Not everyone can win at Memphis in May.

Myron Mixon is the winning-est man in BBQ and has won in the toughest contest in the world. Memphis in May, Memphis BBQ Network.