Meat Masters Radio

Meat Masters Radio is live every Tuesday night at 8 pm Est. Tune in as Iron Mike and the gang talk over cooking and politics with a whole lot of laughs.

It’s crazy, its zany, its BBQ at its best! Click here for the first episode 8pm Est 347 202 0263.

Last 300 shows on BBQSuperStars Radio

The show is produced out of Minnesota by a bunch of guys with to much time on their hands.

Meat Master Radio is the best time you have ever had in BBQ Radio. BBQSuperStars is the pioneer in Radio.  We had as many as 20 shows a week! This is going to be a great one!


mmr728x90-6Why not have some fun instead of listening to the same people say the same thing over and over! Want to be a Star? Listen to Meat Master Radio!

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Meat Masters Radio

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