Meat Comparison is there any difference

Lets get real, everyone is saying you have to start with a good piece of meat!  They have sold millions based on false claims there is a difference BBQSuperStars Research is going to stop all this! 

Swift use to be below Smithfield but JBS bought Swift and now Swift is equal or above Smithfield. Both are about the same quality, hydrated and a certain look.  Compart Duroc is a better competitor pork some say a better quality than either Smithfield or Swift.  IBP is top quality everything. IBP Beef was the best that came into my meat market.  If I had to rank them it would look like this for pork


  1. Compart Duroc
  2. Hatfield
  3. JBS/Swift because of 1855 line
  4. IBP
  5. Smithfield/Farmall
  6. Cargill


  1. Japanese Kobe
  2. Japanese Wagyu
  3. American Wagyu
  4. Black Angus out of Texas (Raider Red Meat Ect.)
  5. Some places out west
  6. IBP
  7. JBS
  8. Cargill
  9. National Beef Packing


  1. Organic Chicken, Springer Mountain Farms ect
  2. Pilgrims
  3. Tyson
  4. Purdue
  5. Cargill
  6. Amick Farms
  7. Columbia Farms


These rankings are based on my own personal experience. What I’ve seen at competition, classes, and different experiences. 

I have to rank organic chicken at #1. No steroids, antibiotics, water infusement.  Steroid Chicken is developing out children faster. Its causing heart problems, and philological problems in people. I still eat it.  Its hard to get away from.