Mangrates are the real deal. What does it take to make a great steak. It takes the right tools.  Mangrates stop flare ups on the grill.  The put those fancy grill marks on the steak and they make a fantastic flavor on your meat.

Seasoned properly like shown in the video above.  Mangrates will take all your grilled and smoked meat to the next level.  They will change your cook.  Once your Mangrates are seasoned they will take the seasoning that comes off your meat and sent it back up on it.  Mangrates stop the loss of seasoning down in your grill and keep it close to your cook.

Mangrates last a lifetime. They never ware out they only work better and better as time goes on. Get a set of Mangrates and taste the difference.  Don’t buy cheap knock offs that aren’t that cheap.  Cheap aluminum knock offs that hold no heat, add no flavor, add no convection of heat will do anything close to what Mangrates will do.

Mangrates have the BBQSuperStars Guarantee to back them up. Don’t say Grill Grates that’s cheer leader cooking. Cook like a man get Mangrates!!


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