Low and Slow vs Hot and Fast

Low and Slow vs Hot and Fast

Low and Slow – BBQWEB.com the star always says today we’ll cooking low and slow! Low being between 225 F-245 F.  Now when you get to 250 F that could be said to be Hot and Fast.  275 F is definitely considered hot and fast but people like me like to cook at 300 F unless you have put sauce on your BBQ.

Low and Slow won’t dry your meat out as fast.  225 F will slow cook your meat keeping the liquid in your meat that will make it that moist caramelized color that will blow your mind when you eat it. I’m finding out now that Low and Slow is the best way to cook.  Hot and fast will leave you with dry meat and burnt meat if your not careful.

Low and Slow breaks the meat down and keeps the moisture in.  Wrapping is great! It will make the meat moist but it still is a different product.  Low and slow has a great balance of breaking down the meat and keeping the moisture in.  Its a balance.

When you are breaking down proteins and changing them from gelatin raw proteins to solid proteins in finished cooked meat.  High heat will make you lose that moisture if you not careful.  Low and slow takes longer.  More things can happen during your cook that is true but the difference in finished product is undeniable. 

Out on the circuit you have cooks that trim their meat on Friday or at home so no one can film it.  Then go back to the hotel and come back out at 4 am in the morning.  These are hot and fast cooks.  They win a lot. Low and Slow One problem with 4 am when other cooks are sleeping and you come out with your lights on and truck making a lot of noise the other cooks get mad!!

What is the difference in your products?  None, some say a lot.  Low and Slow is a lot of work.  If you are off for the weekend and have a brew, well several brews, Kick Back Cove Moonshine

Drinking a few and taking your time will make for a better day. Just hanging out at the smoker cooking it up is when low and slow are a great idea.  It’s when it becomes a business that Hot and Fast is where its at.  You can’t make a whole lot of money cooking Low and Slow in the restaurant and catering business.   I believe low and slow will produce a better product if the meat is worked often and with good technique.  Cooking low and slow in itself won’t do the trick.

Basting, Spritzing, is important for building bark, for instilling flavor. When your cook is done the meat will be chopped up together with bark, azue and anything connected to it.  If by nothing but your mouth.  If you think about the bite of a rib your mixing the surface and the meat together in your mouth and what is on the outside will be tasted with what is in the inside,  Low and Slow gives the meat time to marinade and react with the basting sauce and spritzing liquid.

Problem with low and slow.  It takes a long time, especially when its a large cut of meat.  Shoulders, Briskets, whole hogs all take a long time low and slow.  

Hot and Fast you have to watch your meat. Over cooking is real easy to do at 300 F – 350 F. You better be on top of that cooker and you better be checking. Maverick has some great systems to help watch internal temperature.

Hot and Fast will get you there quick but you got to watch it will make you over run the finish line and get your meat out in the grass

Get good at cooking both ways. Try both and see what you like. If your catering Hot and Fast. If your partying Low and Slow.  The most important thing is to enjoy yourself!