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Lang BBQ Smokers

Lang was the first competition cooker to hit the circuit in mass amounts. During the 80’s and 90’s everybody on the BBQ Competition Circuit would probable be cooking with a Lang or a Backwoods. Everyone started with a Lang. Ben Lang hails out of Nahunta, Georgia. Nahunta is in the Southern Most part of Georgia and is an Island.

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Lang has a few major selling points. It has enough steel to hole the heat. Lang BBQ Smokers are made from 1/4 inch rolled steel. Do not say gauge when talking about a Lang. They are the heaviest cookers in the business. I’ve spent a lot of time with Lang Smokers and they are simply magic.images (3)

Lang BBQ Smokers have the right to be #1 on this list. I love Lang Smokers I love Ben Lang he is a hard working guy. His smokers have cooked for NCAA Final Four on site. PGA Tour, Augusta Nationals, Super Bowl, Las Vegas ACM awards, Ben Lang has taken his cookers from one end to the other of this nation and been really successful.

Paul Kirk is one of his cooks that does schools for Lang BBQ Smokers. Its a lot of work. The quality is there. They are beautiful.1005420_492510597490646_1745673081_n

Brad Kay of BK BBQ is Ben Lang’s Professional BBQ Team. Brad Kay on 2012 worked with BBQ Pitmastere’s and cooked for them at every stop on a Lang. If you watch BBQ Pitmaster’s beside each side of the stage where Myron, Tuffy, and the Other Judge sits you’ll see a Smoking Lang Patio Model.

Lang’s Patio Model is second7822754┬áto none. ┬áThis is where the rubber meets the road. When you say quality in backyard cooking and you add the words Lang BBQ Smokers to it. Your talking about the best there is across the world. To have a Lang 36 Patio Model in your backyard is like having Dale Earnhart’s racing car in your driveway as a mode back and forth to work its that good.

When you put wood in a Lang it starts smoking from out the door, from out the chimney, from out the air vents and you know magic is about to happen. Its when you transition from stressful life to BBQ Magic Life. Its when you kick off your shoes and take life a little easier compliments of Ben Lang. Hell Yeah.

On thing about Langs is the 108. That is 108 inches in length of pure “T” cooking power. The 108 heats up as fast as the 36 and it is a train. A huge train coming down the track. Its the biggest offset on the market and the most impressive.108DeluxeChar01

Lang 108 is a cater-ers dream.