Kysek Ice Chest

Revolutionary Mobile App and Sensor:
Check Ice Status/Lifespan Without Opening
Check Temperature For Food & Meat Safety
Set Alerts to Signal Temperature Limits
Set Restock Reminders with Easekysek

Kysek Drink Holder


Multi-Purpose Lid
3-in-1 Lid Outworks Anything on Market:
Ultra-Stippled, Laser-Etched No-Slip Platform
High-Density Polymer Antibacterial Cutting Board
High-Definition Easy-to-Read Measuring Ruler
Never Tips or Slams Opens to Perfect Angle

High-Density, Ultra-Durable Feet:
Non-Stick Feet Won’t Cling After Sitting
Non-Slip Surface Won’t Slide in Transit
Machine Screws & Nuts, Unlike Other Coolers
Standard Feature Included

Redesigned, Enhanced Premium Gasket:
Stays Intact with Enhanced Bond Technology
Unbeatable Seal with KYSEK Trademark Design
Manufactured to Never Gap, Crease, or Fold


Bulked-up Rubber Latch:
Bigger, More Durable Than Anything on the Market
Fastened with a High-Grade Aluminum, Rust-Free Pin Furthermore a great buy

A website did a test and Yeti did not hold ice in the cooler as long as Kysek. This is a brand most note worthy that cost less and performs better