Keno Plates/Locks get organized

Keno Plates and Locks

Keno Plates are made to make your life easier when eating in the backyard, tailgate, camping, any where you don’t have a table to eat at.  It has a great design where you thumb comes through the edge of the plate and allow you to have a free hand.  Keno Plates will last forever. 

Using a cane Keno Plates free up that hand to walk around.  Put your drink and food in one hand.  Open a door, pour a drink, shake hands, walk around the tailgate.  Keno Plates allows you to keep a hand free while you keep control of food at the outdoor event. keno Keno Plates make it easier to get your food mobile. Its hard to walk around a Tailgate or a Backyard cook with a flimsy plate.  Handling your drink can be a job.  With Keno Plates. Go visit party anywhere at your event and take it all with you.  Stop walking off and leaving your drinks. Your drink will follow you where ever you go. 


Keno Plates

Keno Locks are a safety feature that will stop theft and spiking your drink.  Its hard to send your daughter to an event when people like to slip something in her drinkkeno Keno Locks deter thieves and people who want to spike a drink.  Keno Locks fit on a normal soda can, beer can or anything with a normal to on it so tight its practically impossible to get it off.  The can itself will have to be destroyed before the top can be removed.  The cans are more destructible than the Keno Lock.  The pressure in the can will be released when puncture thus making the theft no longer worth it.

Keno Locks for bottles work the same way.  It gets up under the lip of the bottle and is almost impossible to remove without extreme measures which will destroy the bottle first.  The Know Locks are made with very strong plastic.  Stronger than the bottle its on.  If someone gets a saw zaw and cuts the lock off the bottle will be hard to save.

When your in a populated environment where your drink can get stolen with out any way of determining who stole your drink Keno Locks are a great deterrent.  Concerts, Beach Trips, Sporting Events, any situation where you may have to leave your drink in a cooler, refrigerator, or on a counter while you do something else.

Keno Locks

Buy Keno Plates and Locks right now below.  Take the first step in getting yourself safer and more organized.