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Kamado Grills


Steel Grills that act like Porcelain Model

The main idea of the Komado Grill is the seal. You can enhance that seal with BBQ Gaskets. With a little bit of Charcoal you can grill for a long time and maintain a steady temperature.  Steady Temperature is one of the most important things in BBQ as the meat will cook best at Certain Temperature. Low and Slow is done at 225 degrees.  Hot and Fast is done at 300 degrees.  300 degrees is a good temperature to start any BBQ except Steaks. You want to sear a steak at 500 + degrees. Kamado Grills can get up to 1000 degrees no problem.

__________________Hot and Fast             Low and Slow

Boston Butts                  300 for 4 hours         225 for 8 hours

__________________Wrap at 4 hours        Wrap at 4 hours

Brisket                             300 for 6 hours         225 for 12 hours

__________________Wrap at 4 hours         Wrap at 4 hours

Ribs                                  300  for 4 hours         225 for 8 hours

__________________Wrap at 2 hours        Wrap at 4 hours

Chicken                            300 for 1 hour            Not recommended

__________________Start off Panned and covered

__________________45 minutes in Sauce and Fix the Glaze

 Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg is the most well known of the Kamado Grills.  Big Green Egg orginated out of England.  It is a British Company. They are based in Atlanta in America.

Big Green Eggs are very efficient. If a constant temperature is your main desire Big Green Egg is your cooker.  Low use of Charcoal.  Cook what you want, damper down the cookerKamado Grills shut all air flow off and your charcoal will go out in no time. Light it again at the start of the next cook.  Cook all night, No Problem. That is Big Green Eggs Specialty.  Big Green Egg has come out with some larger models. Shown here they can get very large.  Big Green Egg has proven itself in BBQ Competition. Buy a Big Green Egg and get on the road to some great BBQ!

Primo Grills



Primo Grills was created by a Greece Pharmacist from the Navy in Greece. George is a wonderful guy. I really love George and we got an interview with George at The Jack Daniel’s World Championship. They are there every year. One year they brought The BBQ Guys with them and they cooked on site.

Primo Grills is a Top of the Line Kamado Grill. The quality and attachments are really good. Primo has taken Kamado Grill cooking to a whole new level. Its a tool to never using your kitchen oven or stove again. You don’t need it. The movement away from expensive electric is at your finger tips. Damper it down and save the charcoal for your next cook and instill that great BBQ Flavor you, your friends and family are going to love.

Primo Grills

Stack it up, Rack and stack a feast. As Tony Matassa did in the video there are frying plates that you can buy there are all kinds of plates and attachement to this thing. Buy a table to wrap around your Primo.  Primo has its own brand of Charcoal. Once you become a member of The Primo Family. You can get recipes, cooking tips, and all the service you can imagine from Primo Grills.

There is Great Kamado Grills and there are The Best Out there I’ll have to give Primo Grills the highest marks there are in the class!

Grill Dome

Grill Dome is a great Kamado Grill.  It is big, efficient and a high quality grills.  Grill Dome has written the books of great cooking and BBQ Living in the back yard.

The Power of Ceramics
Almost from the beginning of civilization, ceramics have been utilized for various purposes.  In its technological infancy, ceramics were found to be versatile – first they were used for practical applications such as pots and tiles, and then shortly after they were used to record history.  As man has progressed in his study of this ceramics, so too has its applications.Ceramics can be designed for a wide spectrum of applications and are one of the most versatile materials used by man.  Ceramics are harder and stiffer than steel; more heat and corrosion resistant than metals or polymers, and less dense than most metals and their alloys.

Grill Dome Grill Dome

Here are just a few examples of the applications for ceramics that have been developed over the years –

  • Low weight ceramics have been used to protect cockpits of military airplanes.
  • Ceramic balls have been designed to replace steel in ball bearings. The ceramic balls are much harder than their steel counterparts, which reduces wear and also tripled the lifetime of the assembly.
  • In the early 1980s, a ceramic engine was developed by a major car manufacturer, which could run at a temperature of over 6000 °F.  The engine did not require a cooling system and allowed a major reduction in weight and therefore greater fuel efficiency.
  • Bio-ceramics have been recently adopted for medical uses, such as dental implants and synthetic bones.  Bio-ceramics bond readily to bone and other tissues in the body without rejection or inflammatory reactions.

Grill Dome has been making ceramic cookers since 1989

Over the past two decades, Grill Dome has been innovating and perfecting ceramic technology for Kamado-style cookers. 

Ceramic cookers hold great potential for the future of grilling and offer very unique advantages over metal grills.   Unlike metal grills that focus marketing on burners, size and BTU’s, at Grill Dome we focus our innovation on the two metrics that matter most to our customers – the quality of the food results and the cooking time.

Our goal was to design a quality product that locks in the heat efficiently and heightens the taste of the food.  Grill Dome has used time tested form and function found in both eastern and western cookers and married it with our R&D in ceramic materials.  Our customers can rest assured that Grill Dome is at the forefront of ceramic research. Over the past two decades, Grill Dome ceramics have evolved from its original recipe to NGII ceramics and we are proud to release our latest generation of ceramics, TERAPEX ceramics.   Our latest ceramic technology, TERAPEX ceramics, is capable of withstanding 200 degrees more than its predecessor technology (NGII).  TERAPEX Ceramics also optimizes the balance between porosity and density and delivers cooking results that our customers have come to expect.

Grill Dome has got their act together.

Kamado Joe’s

Kamado Joe can grill, sear and smoke!


Kamado Joe is a grill First and foremost, Kamado Joe is a grill. Its ceramic construction and unique shape, along with using lump charcoal, mean moister meats and wood-fire flavor.


Kamado Joe will sear your steaks Thanks to the insulative properties of Kamado Joe and the ability of lump charcoal to generate significant heat, you’ll be able to achieve temperatures up to 750° F. This means you can sear a steak. It will come off sizzling, just like it does at the high-end steak houses.


Kamado Joe is a smoker With Kamado Joe’s ability to control temperature and thanks to the long-burning stamina of lump charcoal, you’ll be able to use your Kamado Joe as a smoker or a slow cooker (it will maintain low temps for up to 12 hours without adding lump charcoal).

Starts quickly; you’ll be grilling in 15 minutes!

Lump charcoal lights more readily than briquettes. So, with a Kamado Joe fire starter or an electric starter, you’ll be ready to grill in 15 minutes. That’s about what it takes to get even the fastest-to-prepare meal ready to grill.

Dual-disc, cast-iron vent system lets you fine-tune temps

Kamado Joe features a unique, dual-disc top vent. The top disc (daisy wheel) is used for low-temperature cooking, while the bottom disc is used for grilling, baking, roasting and searing. This system gives you exceptional temperature control.

Less ash means easier cleanup

Because lump charcoal produces less ash than charcoal briquettes, you’ll have considerably less cleanup with Kamado Joe. Plus, unburned lump charcoal can be reignited the next time you use your grill.

Compare fit and finish, stability

If you compare, you’ll find Kamado Joe to be the best-built ceramic grill you can buy. The fit and finish are second to none, and the stability of the grill is unmatched, as well.

Minimal assembly required with Kamado Joe

You’ll need to take your Kamado Joe out of the cardboard crate and do some basic assembly, but it’s easy, and your Kamado Joe will be ready to go in minutes.

Kamado Joe comes nicely accessorized

Unlike other ceramic grills that come stripped down, Kamado Joe gives you everything you need to get started, including an extra-large built-in thermometer, finished folding bamboo side shelves, 304 stainless-steel grate with hinged door, a grill gripper, and a cart complete with oversized, locking caster wheels.

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