International Barbeque Cookers Association

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IBCA is the most pure BBQ Contest Sanctioning Body in the world.  Each box has to be made the same.  There is a ticket put on the top. No one knows who has the other ticket.  Once the box is turned it the organizer, IBCA Reps and judges have no way of knowing what team the box belongs to. Total randomization of boxes, total similarity if boxes, open judging rooms.  international bbq cooks association

International Barbeque Cookers Association

The main categories of the IBCA are Ribs, Chicken, Brisket are the main categories.  These categories are very competitive.  Ronnie Wade has mastered the art of creating these three categories.  Boston Butts are done at contest where the event organizer desires to have this category. 

They have over 250 contest a year. IBCA is a great compliment to any event.  The staff are not over bearing and looking to take over your event and serve their sponsors.  IBCA is a true non profit organization and profit is not the agenda.  IBCA is a low cost contest that has a World Championship at the end and every contest counts. Counts for the people putting the contest on. 

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