Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers


Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers


Water Cookers that are Similar

Advantages of an Insulated Gravity Fed Cooker

  1. Consistent Temp over a longer period of time per load of fuel.
  2. Great penetration of smoke
  3. Great for holding large quantities of meat for restaurants and catering.
  4. You can get a good nights sleep when your doing a competition

Best Cooker on the Market. Insulated Cookers will hold a temperature for as long as 12-24 hours depending on how big the shoot is for holding charcoal.  Some Gravity Fed insulated cookers will have hot spots in the cooker. Some of the Competition Teams like a hot spot for production on Burnt Ends on their Brisket. Others like a consistent Temperature across the cooking Chamber. 

The box where the fire is, is heavily insulated around the outside and the only place heat can escape is at the entrance of the chamber. Pictured below this insulated gravity flow cooker is lit from the backside of the charcoal shoot then a heavy door is shut onto the chamber.

Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers

Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers

Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers are the best on the market for the serious BBQ Cook who makes a living off it. Even Temperature across the chamber means the same product ever time. Long consistent temperatures means the same product every time. Consistency is what earns business just ask Mcdonalds.
Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers as a rule use 1 pound of charcoal and hour. The largest units use 1 pound of charcoal and hour. You can cook 700 pounds of meat using 1 pound of charcoal and hour. How about that.

Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers are heavy. The lightest units weigh 300-400 pounds, the heaviest units weight several tons. The thick steel holds heat well but in an Insulated Gravity Flow Cooker you need a lot to build the box.

Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers

Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers

Newer units have temperature equalizers in the bottom. Deep South Smokers revolutionized the industry with this technology. See the square piece at the bottom with all the holes. This is connected directly to the charcoal shoot and distributes the heat perfectly.
Stumps Smokers came out with a unit call “The Monster” and it has a convection fan just like a regular Convection Oven.  Imagine your cooking with charcoal and wood in a unit that acts even better than the stove in your house. The world doesn’t realize with these cookers you can shut your house stove off and switch totally to charcoal and wood.
There are many brands of gravity flows coming out now everyone realizes what a top of the line cooker they are. Maybe the wave of BBQ Cooking in the future.











Ranking the top Gravity Flow Cookers

  1. Deep South Smokers
  2. Stump Smokers
  3. Southern Q Smokers (TNT)
  4. Pitmaker 
  5. Assassins’s Smokers
  6. Superior Smokers
  7. Ole Hickory Pits
  8. Southern Pride Smokers

Deep South Smokers

Deep South Smokers by Randall Bowman without a doubt is the #1 gravity flow smoker in the world. Randall Bowman did several years worth of research before he began building Deep South Smokers.e0ff1256b3ff808095680666f1a98b9b

Deep South Smokers feature a two chamber cooker with different temperatures possible. Each chamber has its own shoot and temperature control. This cooker is well thought out. They have a temperature distribution unit23412_504861376219557_1624293911_n in the bottom of the chamber that guarantees even temperature throughout the chamber. Results show a 4 degree variance in the whole chamber.

The units come from medium to huge. These units can be built to be pulled directly with a set of axles directly on them. You can literally hook to the smoker itself and pull it like a trailer. Which is very convenient. 9070_551502098222151_172497410_n

Then there are the mega cookers. Deep South Prides itself on size. Size does matter. How about a cooker that will hold 4 hogs easy. How about 8 and still be within reason to pull with and F250. Deep South is an engineering masterpiece that is centered around the cooks problems and needs. Deep South cookers by Randall Bowman is the latest and greatest thing to hit the market in a long time.NewSmoker2_zps03606ce7

Even temperatures throughout the chamber. One pound of Charcoal per hour no matter the size. Ease of loading and two chambers with two shoots for variation of temperature. Its the #1 gavity flow ever made. Call 770 886 6290 and get on the road to Championship BBQ weather you compete or not.

Stumps Smokers

Stumps Smokers come in a close second. Walter “Stump” McDowell may have made the first gravity flow if he didn’t he we in the first round. Stump is a great guy. He has built thousands of cookers. He has come up with cutting edge technology. Stump Smokers were dominating the competition market in KCBS and FBA. The FBA Cooks all had Stumps at one point. Stumps biggest claim to fame is Bub-Ba-Q. William Latimer.hqdefault Bubba has won the GBC (Georgia BBQ Championship) 3 years running and always on 2 Stump Smokers. There are a lot of teams who have won championship after championship on Stumps Smokers. stumps-baby


Stumps is a quality cooker made with a quality cooker and have some new units now. Stumps Monster features a convection fan system that guarantees even temperature through out the chamber. Stumps has been proven over and over again through out the years and is our second place choice for the bets gravity flow ever. Get a hold of Stump Smokers and buy your self a unit today.stumps-platinum



Southern Q Smokers-TNT Smokers

Southern Q Smokers was created on an idea. We’ll build us a few smokers sell some of them and pay for all the material with the proceeds. It turned in to much more than that.images (17) Tim and Scott started out only meaning to build a few smokers to one of the Hottest Smoker Builders in the world.

Southern Q Smokers has a top of the line smoker that is second to none.Southern-Q-2

Pictured above is a TNT. Scott is a good business man and he invested in the teams. He sponsored a few teams and it payed off big. At a Georgia contest with 40 teams 21 will have a Southern Q Smoker or a TNT as their main cooking unit. Since 90% of all grills in the world are built in Georgia that is an astounding fact.

Southern Q Smokers has started producing smokers for others. Scott actually welds, cuts and builds himself all the time in the shop. There line includes water cookers also.Insulated Gravity Feed Smokers

Pictured here is a Southern Q Smoker Water Cooker on a massive nice trailer. These trailers produced by Scott are Stainless Steel and the best ever put on the market. Southern Q Smokers is putting out more major cookers than anyone else in the world right now.

Get in touch with Scott of Tim at 770-547-0110 and get a TNT or a Southern Q Smoker Today!


Pitmaker out of Houston is a top of the line smoker. Pitmaker has been on National Television many times for there quality pits and trailers. Pull behind trailers is the order of the day for Pitmaker.

Pitmaker makes the best Pull Behind trailers in the industry. Its not just the look its the sizzle. Pull up with one of these rigs and your gonna turn a lot of heads and the party will soon be located in your vicinity.

Pitmaker makes it all. Back Yard Models, Middle of the road models for great looking pits without the large sale price. Pitmaker makes the mega models for the serious BBQ Cook, Tailgaters, and Catering Companies around the globe. Pitmaker can even make sturdy restaurant models that will deliver that daily BBQ that will keep your town’s attention for years to come.

Check out their resume:











 Assassins Smokers

New to the market. I believe they are as good a quality as any on the market. Assassins Smokers have hit the market hard now and are in BBQ Competitions every week. They are very impressive to the sight.fc96c3cc8b2a9565f09ea77bc341d3f7_afrt

The price tag is right. These cookers are new to the market but the builder has been around a long time. Quality Construction that will guarantee results. Assassins is here to stay.d80380e41c8329ec51fcb6ce318dab01

I will put BBQSuperStars personal guarantee on all the cookers listed above. These companies will stand behind their products and deliver the Best Cooking Situation you can hope for. Call any of these companies and get your BBQ Dream Started. I have to say to each discussed here, “Hell Yeah!”

Insulated Gravity Flow Cookers

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