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Hot Wachulas



Matt Barber packs sauces for a lot of people. Matt is a big competitor in Florida and may win The Florida BBQ Association Team of the Year!

Tired of not getting the service you deserve from your co-packer. No Problem? Call Matt Barber at 863 602 0857 and get on the road to success. Matt has spent his whole life in the food industry and he is a professional.

He even has a Backwoods Smoker with pipes coming out of it and a home made BBQ Guru! Hell Yeah! He is BBQ through and through and a co-packing expert. Get a hold of Matt today!

Matt right now co-packs Sweet Smoke Q injections. Sweet Smoke Pork Injection is one of the hottest products on the market.  The look of the product just keeps getting better and the quality without question is unbelievable. Matt works hard to create the best. He’ll work hard for you.

There is a lot to be said with working with BBQ Competitors. They know what your going through and where you are at. Matt competes every week and is close to winning Team of the Year in the FBA. He competes ever week. Wouldn’t you love to have a Team of the Year Pack your sauce.