Holy Bible Audio

Holy Bible – The word of God will last forever.  I acknowledge God in all things.  I do not go down into a city and say that I will do this and that.  But I say if God will.  I cannot change the color of one hair on my hear neither can I say what will happen tomorrow.

See the Lilly of the Valley as it grows.  I say that never was Solomon in all his glory was never arrayed as one of these.   If God can feed the sparrow he can also feed you.

Fear not those who can kill the body just once.  Fear the one who can put you into the everlasting fire for all eternity.  Many will come in my name sake but on that day I will say I never knew them.  You shall know them by their works.

Trust in the Lord and do good.  True religion is to feed the homeless and the poor, orphans and widows.  Liars will come as ravening wolves.  Wearing sheep skins, seeking who they may devour.

Do not be unequally yoked.  Let us do evil that good will come.  Evil will never bear good fruit.  To condone evil will never end in good.  If something is wrong, it shall be wrong forever.  The truth shall never change.  The play list above holds the truth that will save the earth.

Denzel Washington played Eli and so much truth.  God has preserved his word.  Jesus is the Word.  The Word is the power of God on Earth.  The Word will release power no man can stand against.   The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.  Nothing was made with Jesus.

God is real.  You can deny Jesus but that just makes you mistaken.  You are subject to his rule weather you acknowledge Jesus or not.

Choose this day whom you will serve.  The rules have been put in all of us.  You have to keep repeating the lie to convince even yourself because the truth is in you.  The Bible is the only thing that is truth.  All other writings are false in the face of God. 

Listen to these audio and change your life.  Purge out the problems and instill peace and satisfaction.  Live a better life.  God is in this place.  God is real.  Let what God says be true and every man a liar.  God is real.

holy bible