Hamburgers are an American past time! Hamburgers are the #1 sold food in the world!.  What does it take to make a good hamburger. A lot of love and attention. You can make the best hamburger in the world all you have to do is crank up that heat!

“The best way to make a hamburger is to start out grinding your own meat” Julia Davison America’s Test Kitchen. Home meat grinder.

My two boys came over the other day and I wanted to make some great hamburgers. I went to the grocery store and got 80/20 hamburger. Wagyu Hamburger is the best Fresh hamburger makes a lot of difference when you start out to make a great hamburger. IMG_6967

I did some research a couple of years ago using 75/25. 80/20, 95/5 hamburger. I found that 80/20 had a great taste and kept it shape.

I got the 80/20 Hamburger and mixed Zarda Steak Rub and Stockyard Burger Seasoning with it. I then set aside and starting working on toppings.

What is the greatest combination with hamburgers off the grill? Onions, Green Peppers, and Mushrooms all cooked in butter! So I put the butter in the pan and cut up the toppings!

Hamburger buns make a lot of difference! I went and got some onion hamburger buns!Pepperidge_Farm_Onion_Poppyseed_Sandwich_Bun_4355566_i0
The taste of those buns made a huge difference in the flavor of the eating experience.  Regular buns are good but flavored buns takes hamburgers to the whole next level!. Pepperidge Farms Onion Hamburger Buns

When you think about a hamburger on a bun you have to think about every part of what your doing. There are a ton of flavored buns out there now a days.  They cost a little more but your family will come back for more!.


So I cut up some Russet Potatoes and put Big T Seasoning Salt on them.  We were in cookout heaven.IMG_6970

For some reason I never take a picture of the finished product because my boys were eating it as fast as I could cook it! I put two slices of cheese on each hamburger melted it down.  Then I stacked the finished onion, green pepper, mushroom combo on top of the hamburgers and my oldest son killed it. My youngest son took the hamburger with no cheese on the side of his plate. Loaded all the onions, green peppers, and mushrooms on the other side of his plates and finished with the potatoes to fill the plate out.  Went and got Roadhouse Original BBQ Sauce put a pool in the middle of his plate and jumped in!

Julia Davison

Get some flap meat and cut it into pieces and freeze it for 30 minutes. Cut it into pieces maybe 2o pieces and then grind it.  Then you grind it yourself. Pour melted butter over the meat and the butter will conj-eel because the meat is fantastic.  


Introducing Yogurt Hamburgers



If you want to make your toppings stay on your hamburgers then put and indention on the top of your hamburger. 75/25 you may have to push down on a few times during the cooking process but 80/20 and 95/5 will maintain the shape very well!

Kobe Hot Dogs are good too!

Top 100 Hamburger Ingredients!