Grills Smokers Cookers

Grills Smokers Cookers


Press your grill – make it where you grill will not stick to your fish and other items that stick and make a mess.

  1. Heat up the grill and oil your grates.
  2. Put fat on the grate and heat the oil, vegetable oil, flax seed oils.  
  3. Get a bowl of oil when the grates are hot, dip a paper towel in the oil and treat the grill with a heavy layer of vegetable oil or flax seed oil.
  4.  It will polymerize the fat and make a non stick coating on the grate.

Grills Smokers Cookers – Grills are direct cooking, A grill is based on cooking hamburgers, hot dogs, pork chops, and steaks that are direct heat with the charcoal right below the meat.

Smokers is where the heat source is off to the side be it left or right or displaces somewhere. Offset keeps meat from burning when cooking for extended amounts of time. While still getting smoked well.

Cookers are a general term for all. Some people think it means a cooking chamber much like an oven. Cookers can be any on the list above. BBQ Guru

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