Grilling Enthusiasts Now Have A Unique Way To Get Recipes And Share Cooking Tips While Earning Cash With The Online Rewards Program GrillPerks™  


Jacksonville, FL; June 17, 2019 — Those who enjoy the sizzling steaks, wings and ribs of outdoor grilling with the family, camping out or tailgating, now have an opportunity to enjoy the experience even more with a new, unique online rewards program called GrillPerks™.

Many people take their grilling seriously and want to create the tastiest, most flavorful food possible. By registering with GrillPerks™, shoppers can qualify for cash back rewards on a variety of grilling products, from grills, to cooking utensils to charcoal to food products through their favorite grocer. In addition, they can access the website and Facebook page for grilling tips, delicious recipes for sauces and ideas for side dishes.

Research shows that an online promotion such as GrillPerks™ targeted at a specific consumer group is just what the cook ordered. An online survey by Rockbridge Associates for the Hearth Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) showed a definite demand for grilling information. For example 48% of respondents have searched for new grilling recipes. That could be because 65% of grillers use rubs and spices and 62% use marinades. The survey went on to report that 87% prefer the flavor of outdoor grilling.

Even the millennial generation is buying into outdoor grilling, evidenced by their support of TV cooking shows like “BBQ Pitmasters,” according to grill social media influencer Richard Wachtel.

Shoppers must go on GrillPerks.comto register as a member. They enter their contact information and retailer where they do most of their grocery shopping. They can earn gift cards by purchasing products participating in the GrillPerks™ program.

Participating brands include Mr. Bar-B-Q® grills and grilling accessories, Kingsford® and Matchlight® Charcoal, Hidden Valley®, KC Masterpiece®, Bubba Burger®, El Yucateco® Hot Sauce, Soy Vay®, Wonderbread® and Natures Own®.

For each dollar spent, the member earns a point. For every 50 points, they earn a $10 retailer or Visa gift card and can earn multiple cards throughout the year. It is easy to participate and it is all done from a desktop or mobile device. No app is needed. Over the year, members can receive electronic promotions on various participating products.

The online rewards program, which is unique to the grocery industry, is designed to offer access to savings on grilling accessories, promotions, and cooking tips to grilling enthusiasts throughout the year, instead of just traditional grilling holidays, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

Shoppers are encouraged to look for Mr. Bar-B-Q® products in their local grocers to see the GrillPerks™ offer. There are over 20 major retail grocers all over the U.S. participating in the GrillPerks™ promotion, such as Publix and Food Lion in the south; ShopRite and Big Y Stores in the northeast; Schnucks and Giant Eagle in the mid-west: and Brookshire’s Food and Pharmacy and Bartell Drugstores in the west. Facebook. juridice:12345678 Dashboard

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