Grill Blaster

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I tried the Grill Blasters today.  It works I left it on there a very short time and it turned the gunk on the grill grates turned to ash. It blew off.

Grill Blaster works on a proven principal called sublimation, the same as a self-cleaning oven. 

The process of “sublimating” converts a solid to a vapor by heat.  Water converts to steam at approximately 212 degrees fahrenheit – food and fat can be converted to carbon ash at 765 degrees Fahrenheit. Techniques

Standard BBQ’s develop temperatures of approximately 480 degrees fahrenheit.  To increase these temperatures to 765 degrees Fahrenheit, the principal of the “Heat Cycle Machine” was employed. 

The Grill Blaster was designed in such a way to allow gasses to be trapped beneath the grate, thus increasing the heat generated under the Grill Blaster to upwards of 800 degrees Fahrenheit.Grill Blaster


Adjust the Grill Blaster (TM) BBQ grill cleaner frame to fit your grilling surface by overlapping panels as required.

Light your grill following your barbeque manufacturer’s instructions. Place the cleaner frame on the grilling surface and close the BBQ lid.

Allow your grill to heat up as usual.  The cleaning process takes 10 to 20 minutes depending on the barbecue’s BTUs and the amount and type of food residue to be cleaned.

Once majority of smoke dissipates, remove your Grill Blaster (TM) carefully, using oven gloves (it will be extremely hot).  All that’s left is to lightly brush away the residual carbon ash.