Food Health

Food Health

You are what you eat is the old adage. I want to give you some rule of thumb stuff to think about.

Diet Drinks – sugar substitutes over long periods of time will cause you to eat 10x more than you would normally eat.  Aspartame cause cancer. It was introduced to the FDA in what ever form it was in from 1890’s to 1960’s and was ruled a poison. When introduced to 300 million in the United States its going to give people cancer.

High Fructose – in and of itself High Fructose will not make you gain a pound.  It acts on your Hypothalamus to make you eat 4x more over a long period of time.  People going into fast food places actually have a chemical dependents on the food. They are looking to fulfill their High Fructose craving.

Artichokes – artichokes and radishes will clean out your gallbladder and bile ducts. They will clean out your liver. Eat, cook with artichokes once a month.

Pork, chicken and Beef will make you fat. Lean Beef will not make you fat. A top round has no fat. Pork with excessive fat will make you gain weight. Pork trimmed down to the meat is no different than eating boneless skinless chicken.  Trans fat in french fries will make you fat.  Starches, polysaccharides will make you fat. Lean protein is what body builders eat. To high of a protein diet is hard on your kidneys.

Green Leafy Vegetables are good for you.  Once a month or less.  Mustard Greens, Collar Greens, Spinach are high in iron, and vitamins but are also high in oxaloacetate. It causes a precipitation of gout. Steak and red meat, beer, liquor can cause gout to come on too. If you have gout in your family be careful with Green Leafy Vegetables.

Boneless Pork Loin is as lean as boneless skinless chicken breast and cook the same.

Milk has got a bad wrap. Milk products have caused a lot of Americans to get over weight. Cottage Cheese, cheese slices, sour cream, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Ice Cream make you gain weight.  Drinking milk in small amounts like one glass I think is good for you. Drink a glass of milk a week to keep a little health going.

Foods have a lot of health properties. They have said now  that high fat content foods may not make you fat. Lean foods may not make you lean. That is incorrect. Your body has to metabolize and assimilate what you eat. What does it have to work with when it is broke down. Fat is going to get stored as fat unless its used for energy right away which will produce lactic acid at the least.  Proteins will get stored as protein unless its used for energy right away. Protein takes as much energy to use as it produces.  What ever your put in will be stored as put in.  That only makes common sense.

Modern day diets are acidic.  Most people don’t think it taste good unless its acidic and don’t even know it. Your intestines will form a barrier to acidic food inside them. John Wayne was diabetic, high blood pressure, and over weight because of this.  He died with 49 pounds of it in his intestines. That is the #1 problem in America today. Meat that lays in your colon will cause all kinds of medical problems. Its okay to eat BBQ but you have to get cleaned out and stay cleaned out or the eventual end result for some of the population is cancer and death. Colon Cleanse is a good thing to do once a year.

Real natural food promotes health.  Manufactured (fake food) food promotes problems. Eat real food and be smart about what is in the rout it was produced.   There is no way to circumvent the system. Dr. Oz is skinny, nervous and won’t live a day longer than anyone else.  Its a strong constitution that makes you live a long time. Healthy food helps a long the way.