Firey Foods and Barbecue

Firey Food is used in BBQ everyday. Hot sauce is hotter than most BBQ Sauces.  Hot sauces are made out of a base the same as BBQ Sauce they just don’t contain the amount of sugar and volume as BBQ Sauce.  Some Hot Sauces want to give 1/2 gallon with the suggestion that it can be used in place of BBQ Sauce. That may be true for some situations like Wing Sauce.  Not in Pork, Brisket or Ribs.  

Firey Foods have created break through for BBQ and BBQ has made break through for Firey Food.  There is a division in BBQ and Firey food in application.  Firey Foods are used for smaller pieces of food that heat is the object.  BBQ Sauce is used where taste for a meal is the object.  

Firey Foods have become a club.  A group of people who enjoy eating hot sauces.  Its a bout the heat in the sauce.  Its a cult, a fan club, a time for people to get away! 

Firey Foods