Fat left on Butts




Debunking the myth. Fat is not flavor.  What????????? Did I say that. Fat on Boston Butts is like eating lard. Today I did a butt without trimming it at all and did a butt trimmed to the max.

I injected the highly trimmed butt with sweet smoke q and the untrimmed butt with Sprite, Mango Juice, and Butter.  This is the untrimmed Butt. Looks good on the outside. I got some great rub on it.  Wild Cat Holler on10806206_10204223180274518_162432697385575455_n It had strong fat taste, Lard Taste, it was a strong taste of diluted rub and injection.




I came in and tasted the highly trimmed butt and it was great! OMG!! It was real good. I could taste the rub, injection and the best pork I ever tasted. 10923197_10204223182114564_8944324304552864832_nMan what a difference it made to get rid of all that fat and lard. It made the pork pop. Now I will agree that Beef Shoulder is the worst piece of meat to cook because it has no fat. You have to hove some marbling. No marbling no breakdown of the meat and tenderness.  Pure pork like a pork loin is easy to make dry and tuff.  Removing all that excess fat makes the flavor stronger it contacts the meat and makes the magic of BBQ happen.  Trim the butts, trim the fat cap off. Get the lard off the Butt and load it down with rub.  You won’t need BBQ sauce but if you do use BBQ Sauce it will just put that flavor through the roof.

Debunk fat is flavor is bulls***. Marbling is flavor. There is plenty of marbling in the pork of a butt without leaving all those membranes and fat all over the butt. Trimmed on the right and untrimmed to the right.  Not much change in volume.  Trim that thick fat off that butt and get some major good flavor.Fat on Butts


I came in and tasted the highly trimmed butt and it was great!

Fat left on Butts