Old Southern BBQ

Old Southern BBQ

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Famous Dave

  • Famous Dave Anderson is one of the Greatest men in BBQ All Time!
  • Famous Dave sold 35,000 racks of ribs in one day at a Rib Fest!



Famous started out in BBQ under a Canvas Roof and at a table outside. He once pawned his house hold items to keep his dreams alive of opening the best Rib Joint that the world has ever seen. Famous traveled the country visiting other BBQ joints to see how they did BBQ to figure out how to put together a great Rib Joint.


People use to come by his first restaurant in Wisconsin and ask”Why are you building a BBQ Restaurant in Wisconsin where no one lives or cares about BBQ.” Famous just kept steady and worked even harder. Famous new that BBQ is the American Dream. Everyone loves BBQ and Famous was going to make the Best BBQ Rib Joint in the world.

He got it open.for hotel board1- saved down Famous read that Zig Ziegler said, “You will become what you think about 90% of the time.” Famous thought about the best BBQ Rib Joint in the world and worked at it day and night.

Famous got his restaurant open. People came from hundreds even over a thousand miles to eat at his first restaurant. It became a major destination.  Famous got a second one open. He has over 180 cranking BBQ Rib Joints all over the nation. Famous Dave has a restuarant right off Time Square, Las Vegas, Famous Dave is the #1 BBQ Restaurant ever open and everyone of them is show time. Glamorous beautiful restaurants. He was appointed to The BBQ Appointment by The President of the United States.



Dave has not slowed down. He still does his job everyday promoting this thing we call BBQ. He cooks it, he lives it, he breaths it. He is a credit to our nation.

When you go into a Famous Dave’s Rib Joint. Give respect to the name. Famous started off just like you and me. He just worked hard and struggled to a good end.  He is part of the American Dream!

Famous Dave’s Restaurants is the real Deal!

How about this for a resume












That resume is an instant hire! Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce is Ranked 6th in the world in BBQ Sauces









Famous Daves Pickles






Famous Dave’s Famous Ribs 18117-St_Louis_full_slab






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