Facts about BBQ Sauce

Strategies for using BBQ Sauce

There is no strategy. For someone to sit there and tell you how to use BBQ Sauce is crazy! If you didn’t have a good cook it will cover any problems you had in the cook to a point. Just because you put sauce on it doesn’t mean the smoke flavor isn’t coming through.

  1. Heat your BBQ Sauce. If you heat your BBQ Sauce it will cover evenly. Dip your chicken pieces for a better coat in BBQ Sauce that has been heated.
  2. Get two squeeze bottles and put sauce on both sides of your ribs.  The two squeeze bottle method has been used by champions all over the United States.
  3. Put your sauced meat back into the cooker for 5-10 minutes and set the glaze.  BBQ Sauce taste better that has been set in the heat.
  4. Don’t allow your BBQ Sauce to get over 250.  Sugars burn at different temperature.  Brown sugar burns over 250 degree Fahrenheit. Turbinado sugar burns at 400, Demenara Burns at 600 degrees Fahrenheit.  It may say on the bottle sugar but not tell you which one it is.
  5. Always have choices out. Mustard Base people love on pulled pork, once the Mustard flavor gets stared their going to want more and more.  Cattlemen’s has a great mustard base! Mustard is a great switch off if you’ve been using  a lot of tomato based sauce. Mustard based sauce.
  6. Vinegar base is really good but many times is runny. Pulled pork holds it well but it can get to strong for some brands.  Some vinegar sauces are red and look tomato, some are yellow and look mustard but when you look at the ingredients vinegar is the second ingredient behind water.  These sauce are great on pulled pork.
  7. Tomato Base covers almost all of them except a few. BBQ competition has forced everyone to act like tomato base is all there is.  Mustard base and vinegar is just as good as tomato base.  With the suggestion that all BBQ is red we all think tomato base is all there is.  Tomato base is good. Sweet Baby Ray’s original blew the world off its feet. Stubb’s is spanning the globe! Red Gold Tomato Base
  8. BBQ Sauce is something personal. Put a lot on if you like it. Just a dab if you want to play the “I want to taste the meat game?”  You added ingredients to the meat to make it BBQ. Add enough ingredients to get the flavor you want. Your going to taste the meat no matter what you do that is the main course.

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As you can see BBQ Sauce works your whole tongue. Sweet from sugars, sour from vinegar-mustard, salty from beef-pork-chicken flavor and salt. Hopefully if you don’t burn the sugar from cooking to high you will not experience bitter. Sugars in BBQ Sauce Burn.

Firey Foods that is hot sauce is a rising community of research in sauce flavor profiles and uses in cooking.


Sugar Temp
Fructose 230°F
Glucose 320°F
Sucrose 320°F
Maltose 360°F

Pour your sauce in a deep narrow bowl for chicken and completely dip your chicken in the sauce. Heat the sauce first so it will fill all the bevels and leave a nice coat.

Pork pour it into a bowl or on the cutting board. Roll the meat around in it. Sauce brushes take to long and carry bacteria. You got to wash them.

Ribs get two squeeze bottles and sauce each side.  Put them back into the cooker and set the glaze.

Ole Ray’s Steak and Brisket changed it for me. Get some Ole Ray’s pour it over the done Brisket inside the aluminum foil or aluminum foil pans. Then get small bowls and put them around the table so people can dip their brisket in a private bowl.