Disc Cooking

Disc Cooking is big in the Southwest. Its plow that is in a disc shape. They full in the middle and put a rim around the outside and a diving board on it.

Disc Cookers are a beveled shape and it makes all the ingredients fall to the middle.

Rice, Beans, Meat it just seems to do better in a Disc Cooker. Its fun to stand around the Disc Cooker as a family.  Mom and Dad is putting stuff in the disc cooker and both think they know the best thing to put in there!

The Diving Board is made to get some of your cooked food out of the center of the Disc where heat is.  It can set there and still get some heat in your food.

You can cook at different temperatures by putting them on the outside edge of the round part.  Its kind of fun to get out of the house and get around the Disc Cooker and spend some time together! 

Season it just like you would a cast iron skillet. Bring it up to temperature and put some canola oil on it.  Cook breakfast on the Disc Cooker. You essentially you can cook everything you cook in a pan on your disc cooker.