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DCS Gas Grills

DCS Gas Grills

Professional Grade Cooking Tools - Culinary Ready BBQSuperStars Guarantee

The heritage of DCS by Fisher & Paykel began in the late 80's as the country's leading engineers and designers created the first line of high-end commercial quality cooktops and outdoor grills. DCS was launched as the leading provider of quality cooking equipment with high performance for the commercial food industry. Recognizing the desire for home chefs to master restaurant culinary cooking, DCS expanded its innovation and design to pioneer high-end commercial quality appliances for the home. The expansion to a full line of indoor and outdoor professional-styled products has inspired the at home chef to not only cook like a professional but live deliciously.

Fisher & Paykel Appliances markets two brands throughout North America - Fisher & Paykel and DCS by Fisher & Paykel.

The Fisher & Paykel heritage dates back to 1934 where we started as a small company manufacturing designs under license. The brand incorporates the world's most innovative technologies driven from a passion to produce the most technically advanced, efficient and contemporary styled appliances. Pioneers of the world's first drawer dishwasher - Dishdrawer - we continue to pave the way for appliance innovation to inspire creative living.

The heritage of our DCS by Fisher & Paykel brand began in the late 1980's as the country's leading engineers and designers created the first line of high-end commercial quality appliances. Recognizing the desire for home chefs to master restaurant culinary cooking, DCS expanded to pioneer both indoor and outdoor kitchen solutions for the at home chef to not only cook like a professional but live deliciously.

Over the past 76 years the company has expanded into a global manufacturer with factories on four continents employing over 3300 people with sales in over 60 countries totaling a turnover of over $1Billion.

Drawing on the founding principals of the DCS brand, Fisher & Paykel Appliances continues to leverage the DCS commercial heritage to bring the cooking tools of a master chef to the home kitchen both indoors and out. Uniting style, and innovation and design DCS by Fisher & Paykel continues to innovate cooking appliances. This January DCS will debut a new indoor line with a vision of modern sophistication and performance durability that is inherent to the DCS Brand. The new collection maintains a high level of durability and quality. It also features strong horizontal lines, which give the appliances a substantial feel while maintaining precision and elegance. From cooktops and ranges to Dishdrawers™ and refrigerators, the soon to be released collection is designed to give the home chef ultimate control - cooking to restaurant standards can be the norm rather than the exception. The new styled collection follows our tradition of combining advanced cooking power with high-tech controls and technology to deliver cooking accuracy and performance in a distinctively styled professional appliance.

The company that pioneered the first high-end professional grill and its concept of the "see-it today, cook on it tonight", Liberty Island, DCS by Fisher & Paykel continues to evolve in the outdoor kitchen design. DCS by Fisher & Paykel's newly revamped Outdoor Module System integrates its traditional grilling system with the versatile 360° grilling of the Liberty Collection to provide a single multi-funtional cooking platform. Plus with the newly expanded outdoor refrigeration options these customized layouts allow home chefs to create their own specialized outdoor kitchen that simply compliments their unique lifestyles . All the capabilities of an indoor kitchen can finally be realized in an outdoor setting. Performance, customization, connectivity, simplicity, ease of use and installation are what sets apart the DCS kitchen. But aside from its innovative professional design, the overall DCS cooking performance is what truly distinguishes this brand.

Since 1934 Fisher & Paykel has continually changed the face of the laundry and kitchen. Laundry appliances have evolved into ultra energy and water efficient, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing appliances while the kitchen industry continues to evolve - constantly demanding changes in the kitchen paradigm. Through innovation and technological advancements Fisher & Paykel has continued to set the standard.

Our laundry appliances are designed with two key initiatives - optimum water and energy efficiency without comprising fabric care. In the 1980's we released the world's first electronic washing machine which was followed up in 1990 with the world's first direct drive motor - Smart Drive - which is capable of infinite wash actions to remove maximum dirt while caring for the fabric. The new millennium saw the introduction of the world's first large capacity top load dryer, SmartLoad, and the AquaSmart platform which achieves energy and water ratings that far exceed the Energy Star standard and is the only washer which is able to wash in both traditional and high efficiency wash modes.

In the kitchen we introduced in the mid 1990's the world's first drawer dishwasher - Dishdrawer™ - which redefined appliance innovation globally. Then came our Active Smart refrigeration system and in early 2000 our AeroTech cooking system introduced true convection cooking. Most recently we released the world's first gas through glass cooktop - CookSurface - and the world's first multi-temperature refrigeration drawer - CoolDrawer. These latest innovations formed the basis for the next kitchen evolution - a shift in the kitchen paradigm that offers the industry something new; the development of a modular range of 36" products that are well made, have outstanding performance and incorporate user-focused innovations.

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  • Full Surface Searing

    Did you know the entire grill surface of your DCS grill can sear food? DCS allows you to control the power of your grill as precisely as you have always dreamed from the very far back corner to front and center. DCS Ceramic Radiant Technology - ensures the entire grill surface is the same temp everywhere - creating Full Surface Searing.

  • Rotisserie with dedicated Infrared Burner

    Did you know the heavy duty Rotisserie motor with stainless steel rod and forks can accommodate up to 50 pounds. The dedicated infrared burner supplies controllable steady heat which is ideal for lower-temperature roasting and smoking. Plus the patented Smart Beam grill light perfects grilling at night that is more than capable of illuminating an entire surface.

  • Smoker Tray

    Did you know that each 36" and 48" grill head has a dedicated smoker burner which reaches up to 3,500 BTU. You can add distinct flavors to foods, by using with wood chips or herbs and your smoker burner can be used with main burners for grilling or low-temperature roasting and smoking for use with the rotisserie infrared burner.

  • Grease Management System

    Did you know that our grill grates are custom to both carnivores and vegetarians. The grates are double sided, 304 grade CAST stainless steel (36" & 48") which feature one side for with a gentle radius for support and gently handling of fish and vegetables while the other side is W-shaped for maximum grease capture, leaving perfect sear lines on steaks and chops. This patented system reduces flare ups by effectively channeling grease away from the flame while grilling.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Did you know has a Lifetime warranty on all stainless steel components. Yes this even includes the burners! This grill was built to last a lifetime using 304 grade stainless (Marine grade) so that it will not rust. See Warranty Manual for complete details.