Kysek Ice Chest are the choice of BBQSuperStars

Coolers are an issue in BBQ. Yeti can cost a lot of money. Is it worth it?If you plan on rolling your cooler down the side of the mountain then yes it is worth it. Pay the $1200 to get a Yeti.

For me, never. I bought a 150 quart Igloo cooler from Sam’s Club. I put 6 Butts in it at 195 F. They stayed extremely hot of 16 hours. I opened it twice for 20 seconds each time. coolerWhat else would you want in a cooler? I paid $69 for this Igloo cooler. Look, if you want to spend some money buy a Tucker Cooker with the mega pack and get cooking at a high level.

If you want to buy a cooler get a regular brand 150-240 quart cooler and save some money. If I let my cooler roll down the side of a mountain its gone. I’m not climbing down there to get it anyway.

The whole deal is the seal and insulation. As long as you get the seal and the walls of the cooler are insulated, its magic. I held 6 Butts and 4 pans of baked beans for 16 hours and they were as hot as they went in as they came out I had to use gloves to get them out.  I did that with a 150 quart Igloo from Sam’s Club for $69.99.