Cooking Process of Meat

Cooking Process

Cooking Process- Meat cooks in a similar way weather its Chicken, Pork, Beef, or other animals with similar meat.  The conversion of gelatinous proteins to solid meat fibers is similar in every type that are named here.

Proteins in meat are gelatinous in texture.  They hold water.  They can be polar or non polar depending on their make up.  Heat denatures the protein and changes the properties of the protein.

When you cook and egg its protein is denatured.  That means it loses its previous nature of properties.

We cook to kill bacteria, remove parasites and create flavor that we are used to eating.  Flavor is a learned thing.  Foreign lands eat flavors we would never eat.  They also may no eat what we would eat.

When a piece of meat is rubbed down the Maillard Reaction where the protein reacts with the sugars and salt to make a caramelized look on the surface of the meat.  When the cook goes on it will turn into a crust.

This crust will hold in juice.  If you break this crust the juice will run out of the meat.  This will affect the flavor.

The larger pieces of meat temperature will rise to around 150 F to 160 F and it will stop rising for a time.  This is called the stall. cooking process  The protein in a large amount are changing from water filled to a solid denatured state.   The amount of energy it takes to complete this process is great.

Fluid will move to the outside edge of the meat.  If you break the crust the fluid will flow out.  The protection of the meat is in play here.  When you get an internal temperature that is desired then remove and put in a Cambro.

When the external heat is removed the hot fluid will run to the center of the meat and finish the cooking process.

This in theory is true.  The art of cooking is based on, know whether it is done to the right consistency.   You have to cook a lot to know this point.  This is where competition comes in.

Meat is not mechanical.  I’ve seen so much raw meat at BBQ Competition.  When a piece of meat comes to the right temperature, size, comes into play.  Type of meat comes into play.

You can cook a piece of meat to a temperature and hold it at that temperature until it cooks more.

Knowing where you are at in the process takes practice and that is expertise.

If you want to learn the cooking process go cook.  Cook on what ever you want learn your cooker.

Cooking Process