Cimarron Doc’s

Cimarron Doc’s

Cimarron Doc’s has quietly stayed in the back ground without a lot of advertisement but unlike some liars out there who pay for people to say they are on all the championship BBQ Cimarron Doc’s was actually on a lot of Championship BBQ! Cimarron Doc’s has always been coupled with Smokin Guns. That is a winning combination for pork.

Cimarron Doc’s has won more contest than all other rubs put together because its been winning contest of over 2o years. Cimarron Doc's Cimarron Doc’s has been on BBQ that has won The American Royal, Memphis in May, The Jack Daniel’s and The Houston Live Stock Show.

Cimarron Doc’s has won The Sam’s Club, The Kingsford Chase and every other major championship in the world.  When your a team out there and you have fell down into the 20 or below category Cimarron Doc’s will put you back in the top 10.  Cimarron Doc’s Gourmet for Boston Butts,  Cimarron Doc’s Sweet for ribs.  Its a winner winner chicken dinner like Papa Clark always says.

Get Cimarron Doc’s if nothing else to try it.  Its #1!

I did the two shows above and I could not believe the color it put on the BBQ.  The flavor was unbelievable.   Cimarron Doc’s was developed out on the competition trail.  There are only two flavors but they are the best for pork in the world.  

Most people don’t know about gourmet.  Gourmet is powerful pork flavoring agents.  It has been proven in the toughest competitions in the world.  It doesn’t matter if  you compete. If you are a tailgater or a backyard cook you have to try Cimarron Doc’s at least once in your life to experience this.

I had a competitor that called me and asked what rub he should use on a whole hog and he used it and won.  He won Grand Champion using Cimarron Doc’s Gourmet.  That was a great day!