Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings can be a hard thing to cook. It is easy to cook chicken wings and make them tough, chewy and regular.  A tender chicken wing is harder to achieve and so good when its right.


Think one hour, 30 minutes in a smoker Tucker Cooker on the grate, 30 minutes in a pan with foil on it.  The whole kicker is Sucklebuster Chicken Wing Rub and the right wing sauce.Chicken Wings I started off with 28 chicken wings and the first thing I did was look for feathers. Every package of Chicken Wings will have a few feathers left on the wings.

Then I decided not to cut them up in Drums and Wing Thighs I went ahead and left them whole. Cooking them whole makes a bigger piece for the person.

If you have a large crowd and your trying to slow the consumption then by all means cut them up.Chicken wings Then I hit them with Sucklebuster Chicken Wing Rub and I was surprised. It was sweet like an east coast pork rub. Ideal for pork. It flowed well onto the wings.  It let them set for 15 minutes to allow them to move toward room temperature. Then I put them on the Tucker Cooker.

Chicken Wings After I cooked them for 15 minutes I moved the wings around one time and cooked them for another 15 minutes for a total of 30 minutes at 250 F.

They got a perfect consistacy on them from the Tucker Cooker and Royal Oak.  Then I panned them up and put some butter in them. You can add Chicken Broth, I covered the pan with tin foil and it was set for another 30 minutes.  This is what makes them soft. After 30 minutes I took them straight over to the Cambro. I left them in there for 15 minutes to finish the cooking process. Carry over cooking is paramount in chicken. Then I ended the cook by dipping them into my favorite wing sauce Anchor Bar Hotter and That Great Wing Sauce. There are people saying a Cambro is to aggressive that is not true. A Cambro is magic.

They turned out perfect.