Chicken Rubs Sauces

Chicken Rubs Sauces

Choose some Chicken Rubs Sauces from this page and get your cook on. Chicken is some of the best BBQ in the Business.  What does it take to cook a Great Chicken? Three Hundred Degrees in a baking type atmosphere not a grilling atmosphere.  Direct Grilling on chicken will char  your meat. If you have a Weber or Char Broil put your coals on one side and your chicken on the other. Get a Smoking Situation going and try to get it up to 300 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Inject your chicken. Wings, Thighs, Breast, Drum Sticks leave the skin on them and inject. Brine your chicken. Champions brine now and win thousands every weekend. It pushes out the unwanted stuff and leaves great flavor.


Above are all the parts to a real championship brine. Buy a Gallon of Broth if you really want to do it right. Put some Better Than Bullion in it on teaspoon its strong. Put some Cayenne Pepper, Everglades Seasonings, and Kosher Salt in it.  Let it set over night. Then inject, Rub 15 minutes before you cook and smoke at 300 degrees. Then you got something!

Pepper Jelly

If you don’t finish your chicken with Pepper Jelly your just missing out. These are some fine pepper jellies search out the flavor that just dose it for you.  Heat the pepper jelly up and when it get thin it will make a great coat over the chicken. Really one coat and then serve. You can dip your chicken in Pepper Jelly then let it set for 5 minutes and do it again that is the double dip. Pepper Jelly will make that chicken look real good.



Chicken Rubs Sauces