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Char-Broil is a division of W.C. Bradley Co. and is one of the oldest and most respected outdoor cooking brands. More Char-Broil gas grills are distributed across the United States than any other brand. The company sells Char-Broil branded grills in the United States and Canada, throughout Latin America, and Australia. In addition to the Char-Broil label, the company manages and manufactures a portfolio of outdoor cooking brands including Oklahoma Joe’s®, New Braunfels Smoker Company® and Thermos®.

How do I get the best flavor from my Char-Broil Grill?

Aromatic chunks or chips of wood saturated in water then placed on a smoker’s hot charcoal result in a luscious flavor. Chips and chunks are available from Char-Broil Certified Parts and Accessories. Use a marinade if you wish, but keep in mind that smoking tenderizes less tender cuts of meat.

How often do I check my Char-Broil when its on the grill?

Once you have the fire regulated, always keep the smoker door closed. You can prolong your cooking time by 15 minutes each time you take a peek. Go relax indoors and leave the cooking to the smoker.

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Cooking Chart for these grills

Cooking times and temperatures may vary according to specific recipes, cooking conditions or barbecue equipment used. Take these factors into consideration to insure best results. If you use the indirect cooking method (indirect cooking is lighting only one burner and placing food on opposite side of cooking grate), allow more grill time.HIGH=650°F / MEDIUM=450°F / LOW=300°F
Hamburger ½” thick Medium Med: 7-10 min.Well done: 10-15 min.
Steak ½” Medium-Hot Rare: 3-6 min.Med: 6-9 min.Well done: 9-12 min.
Roast Low Rare: 18-22 min. per lb.Med: 22-28 min. per lb.Well done: 28-32 min per lb.
Chops ½” Medium Well done: 15-20 min.
Ribs 5-6 lbs. Low-Medium Well done: 45-90 min
Roast 3-5 lbs. Low-Medium Well done: 18-23 min. per lb.
Ham Steak ½” Medium-Hot 12-15 min.
Ham 5 lb. Fully cooked Low-Medium 20 min. per lb.
Chops ½” Medium 6-12 min.
Chicken 2 ½-3 ½ lbs. Low 1 hr. 15 min. to 1 hr. 30 min.
Chicken-halved orQuartered Low 40-60 min.
Turkey Low-Medium 18-20 min. per lb.
Steaks 1″ thick Medium-Hot Well done: 10-15 min.
Fillets 6-8 oz. Medium-Hot 8-12 min.
Shrimp large or Jumbo Low-Medium 8-12 min.
Steak 1″ thick Medium Rare: 8-10 min.
    Med: 10-12 min.
Burgers ½” Medium Rare: 10-12 min.
    Med: 12-15 min.
Roast 3-4 lbs. Low-Medium Rare: 20-22 min. per lb.
Roast continued Low-Medium Med: 22-25 min. per lb.
Wrap vegetables in foil    
Baking Potato, whole Low 55-60 min.
Onions, whole Low 45 min.
Tomatoes, half Medium 30-40 min.
Corn, whole Low 35-45 min.
Mushrooms Medium 15-20 min.



How do I use Smoker Chips in my Char-Broil?

  1. Soak wood chips in water for 30 minutes before cooking.
  2. Dry chips will produce smoker more quickly, but will not last as long.
  3. Drain the chips of excess water. Place them in the Smoker Box.
  4. Place the Smoker Box on top of the cooking grate above the flame.
  5.  Turn your grill on high until the wood starts to smoke.
  6. Reduce heat to desired temperature.
  7. Place food on the grate opposite the smoker box for slow, indirect cooking.
  8. Close the barbecue grill lid to contain the smoke inside the grill.


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