Carry over cooking


Carry over cooking

Holding Chicken is a must. Cook your chicken to 175 and put it in the Cambro. What is happening in the Cambro? The heat is radiating off the meat. The insulated chamber of the Cambro will catch that heat. Some of the heat will go deeper into the meat.  Its magic. The heat caught in the Cambro Chamber will slow the heat from leaving the meat and give it more time to penetrate the meat.  The meat accepts the heat better in a Cambro because the defense system is trying to dissipate the heat.


Why a Cambro? Its the choice of champions.  A Cambro has that BBQ Magic that cannot be explained. It holds all the moisture and heat in the chamber of the Cambro and makes the equilibration point at a better point. You want to force the atmosphere to be loaded with moisture and heat so the moisture and heat will stay in the meat.

What we are talking about is Cooking Perfection. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) deep fries chicken under pressure.  Pressure cooking with oil. The meat is magic. Its a much lesser form of that. The Cambro will actually build a small about of pressure and when you open the door if you don’t wrap with a towel, or blank, the water will fall.

Carry Over Cooking vs Resting 

Chicken is funny. You can cook it for two hours and it will ruin rather than get that fantastic done.  Cook if for and hour and let it stay in the Cambro for 30 minutes and its like magic it just cooks to a beautiful doneness.

Pork gets that magic texture when allowed to rest for 30 minutes.  The juices run back in.  The heat has equilibrated to equal inside and out and the meat is juicy, done and beautiful. Don’t chop a Boston Butt or Pork until your ready to eat it. Even if its reheated as soon as you chop it, the juices is running out of it and drying it out.

Brisket is the touchiest one to use a Cambro on. Some people will wrap their brisket in a towel and then a blanket.  If you wrapped in a towel, blanket then put it in a Cambro that is the max you can do.  If you hold a brisket too long it will get falling apart done after it comes to 200 F.  If you Burp your brisket and hold it 15 minutes it will be competition grade.  If you want to compete you have to cook brisket all the time to get it to the right consistency for turn in. In the back yard you should cook it till its 210 F internal temperature and hold it for 30 minutes.  Its all in the way you cut it.

Carry Over Cooking