Cambro Holding Devices

Cambro Holding Devices

Cambro Holding Devices

Cambro Holding Devices the second step in BBQ Cooking. Some people call it carry over cooking. I call it hold in the Cambro. It doesn’t matter what you cook Chicken, Ribs, Boston Butts, Brisket, or Vegetables. Get them up to the required temperature and them hold them.

Factors affecting carry over cooking

  1. Size of your piece of meat- the larger the cut of meat the more heat it will hold and release in the cambro.
  2. How hot you were cooking and how much heat will be released in the Cambro.
  3. The fluid has rushed to the outside edge and now is redistributed to the center and will finish cooking any pieces of meat because the self preservation system will stop and the hot fluid will move back into the center.  Its like magic it will finish your cook. Resting in a room doesn’t allow the heat to reflect back and build a temperature that the meat can equal liberate too.

The meat when it is the smoker is in protection mode. The moisture in the meat comes to the outside edge.Cpwf7aBWAAAw9o6 Its like the meat is in self preservation mode when its in the heat. When it comes out the meat relaxes and the moisture comes back into the internal parts of the meat. Julia Davison said ” The liquid pools in the center of the meat and redistributes into all parts of the meat after it is take out of the heat.” put in the Cambro or is rested. 

The Cambro facilitates this. There is no heat source so the meat goes out of self preservation mode.  When it goes out of this mode the Cambro does allow the heat to escape. It stays right there. It finishes the cook of the meat. It finishes the cook in and expert way. You can make some mistakes in your cook and when the meat rests in the Cambro it will cook perfectly come out great.

Cambro Holding Devices

If you try to wrap your meat in a towel, blanket, or something else you will not get the same results.

Cambro Holding Devices can hold large pieces of meat for a long time. After extended periods of time in the heat when you first take it out it will be hot. It will cool faster after extended time in the Cambro but if served right away it will be hot when you take it out.

Carry Over Cooking

Heat is built up in the Cambro and reflects the heat back on to the meat.  That slows the loss of heat from the meat.  Then the retained heat will move back to the center of the meat and finish cooking it completely.  This is the biggest secret to BBQ Cooking. This is why other people’s chicken was moist and tender. No matter how long you cook chicken unless you have a hold it step it just gets dry and hard.

Resting vs Carry Over Cooking

Cambro Holding Devices

Cambro TrayWho knew a single tray could create a globally known foodservice industry manufacturer? The Cambro Manufacturing Company was founded by two brothers, Bill and Argyle Campbell, in 1951. Bill invented the Camtray® and Argyle began selling the tray to the American Hospital Supply Corporation. The Camtray®’s popularity spread like wildfire throughout restaurant, hotel, school and cafeteria operators and became an industry standard.

Cambro grew substantially throughout the 1960’s, inventing the first plastic food pan and first clear food storage container. They also started producing Camcover® plate covers, drinkware, dinnerware and serving bowls. Cambro wanted to create products that would be long lasting and would answer to any operators’ storage needs. They also created the FlipLid®, GripLid® and SlidingLid™ during the 1960s to help keep food fresh and stored properly.Cambro Versa Food Bar

Cambro made history in the early 1970s when they combined plastic molding with foam insulation to create a full line of insulated food and beverage containers. These containers kept food at their correct temperatures, whether hot or cold. Cambro used this innovative insulation technique to create more merchandising equipment such as the CamKiosk®, Cambars®, Salad Bars, Ice Caddies and more.

Starting in the 1980s, Cambro began to export and become a global company. They acquired two European tray manufacturing companies which allowed them to expand throughout Europe and expand their tray lines. Cambro now sells products worldwide and have international sales representatives.Cambro Hot Food Pans

Cambro continues to use the help of foodservice operators to design and create more innovative products that solves the everyday problems an operator sees. After being in business for over 55 years, Cambro still enhances and adds more products to their lines daily, creating high quality products for the foodservice industry. FullSizeRender (6)

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Cambro Holding Devices

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