BWCS World Championship

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We are going to Blast Off in August of 2015


BWCS World Championship Series

Lets Change the World 5

BWCS Bracket Times RomanConferences

Northeastern Conference

Southeastern Conference

North Western Confrence


South Western
BWCS Canada
BWCS Austraila
BWCS Europe
BWCS Scandinavia

  1. Top 5 Advance
  2. 50 Teams can qualify in the United States for the quarter finals of the world championship
  3. Season runs from September 1st to August 31st
  4. 5 Contest from the corners of the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Scandinavia, and any other country that wants in.
  5. Canda and Australia meet the week before the World Championship Top 15 Teams Advance. Europe and Scandinavia meet Week before top 15 teams advance.
  6. Want to get involved