Brown Sugar

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Demerara Sugar is BBQSuperStars Choice. Demerara burns at 600 degrees Fahrenheit.  It melts at a much lower temperature. It will not turn your BBQ Black.  Burnt Brown Sugar turns black and leaves a bitter taste on your BBQ. Turbonado Sugar is our second choice. It will burn at 400 F.  Turbonado is the choice of some champions.  It takes a lot of work to keep your BBQ out of the Black Zone.

Regular Brown sugar burns at 200 F.  You can write down that your BBQ will be black if you use regular brown sugar early in the process.  When regular brown sugar is used on ribs it is in the last stages of cooking.

Brown Sugar is the sugar left over after all the white sugar is made. Its raw sugar and is used to make some kinds of molasses.  A Butt or Ribs seasoned well with brown sugar like Demerara are what makes restaurants and vending professionals famous.

Check out this Jack Daniel’s World Championship Rib Video and how he used Brown Sugar.