Brisket Rubs Sauces

Brisket Rubs Sauces

Championship Row

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Brisket the hardest piece of meat to cook on a cow. It has been the mystery of a century. What does it take to cook a good brisket. Good ingredients. Above are some of the best ingredients in the world. Kosmo Q and Harry Soo have added their products to the mix. Kosmo Q injection is on here and it is one of the best in the business.

Get out there and cook that brisket low and slow. The 225 degree temperature in that grill will slowly make a beautiful coating around the brisket and break down the collagen on the inside.  It has to cook till its done. You want it to come apart easy. That is what slowing your life down and taking it easy is all about.  After you’ve cook that brisket for 8-12 hours the flavor that will come out of it will make all your neighbors come running.

Cooking Brisket is and art. Your gonna have to cook more than one.  Get a Brisket and get started down the road of BBQ Success now. You just won’t believe the smiles that will be coming your way.

Kosmo Q is like McDonalds you can get everything you need to cook a Championship Beef right here. Cow Cover, Dirty Bird, Kosmo Injection, Kosmo Beef Rubs are a proven winning combination. Buy them all above and watch the video above we’ll show you how to use them and how to cook them. You won’t have to guess on BBQSuperStars we’ll show you the whole thing!


Brisket Rubs Sauces