Healthy Eating

This is about General Health as well as Brain Health. Let’s talk about the cycle of food and brain health.
When some people encounter stress they turn to a palatable diet, high calorie dense, nutritionally poor diet. Comfort food is what its called.  Why because these foods can minimize the physiological response to stress, there by becoming a self medication.  Comfort food have been shown to improve mood.  One study has shown that infusing fatty acid directly into the stomach can stop a bad mood.

The Hypothalamus serves as a metabolic sensor.  Leptin from fat cells and insulin from the pancreatic cells, gut hormones, nutrient related signals. While this homeostatic system may not work alone, it needs help from the Hedonic system.

The Hedonic System can over ride the homeostatic system. The Hedonic System is the pleasure reward system. The mesocorticolimbic system is a central part of this system.  When activated, neurons of the tegmental area or VTA send the chemical transmitter Dopamine to several structures of this limbic system, including the nucleus accumbens. Dopamine is the primary pleasure neurotransmitter the pleasure gas pedal.

When food is so good the Hedonic System can over ride the hemostatic system.  Like when BBQ is made in areal Hell Yeah state.healthy eating  Its obvious with the over weight problem in the United State we are seeing a lot of that happening.  People are eating more high powered motivating food to eat eat eat eat!!! 

We continue to eat to much because the pleasure of it.  The release of Dopamine gives us pleasure. 

  • Gluttony Eating – People eat to release Dopamine.
  • Down Regulated Rewards – Take more food to get the same pleasure

Drugs like cocaine, morphine, and ethanol stimulate Dopamine release just like food leads to compulsive eating in the face of negative consequences. 

What foods are the most addictive? 

Highly Processed food/man engineered food – addictive substances in food are rarely in their natural state.  They have been altered to increase their addictive properties.  High Fructose is one of these primary substances.  Engineering addictive food can produce a pharmacokinetic response (ie concentrated, rapid rate of absorption.)

High Glycemic Index (GI) is a measure of high carbohydrate foods influence the blood sugar.   Cakes and cookies ect have a high concentration of refined carbohydrate content and fiber, protein and water have stripped from the food thus increasing the rate at which these foods are absorbed causing a blood sugar spike. This is important because the link between high sugar stimulation of the brain and addiction.

The Western Diet is a diet of little eating of whole foods but high amount of low fiber, little amounts of phytochemicals (ie from fruit and vegetables). low omega-3 acids, low High Proteins.  The Western Diet are high in refined sugars carbohydrates, saturated trans fats. The Western Diet has been linked to poor health.

Eating whole foods circumvents. this whole system.  

Mechanisms for the harmful effects of the Western Diet

  1. Obesity
  2. Inflammation from Omega 6
  3. Effects on Blood Brain Barrier
  4. Alterations in Peripheral Metabolism
  5. Alterations in alimentary Microbiota

Western Diet – Damage to Hippo-campus- overwhelms cognitive controlhealthy eating



The hippocampus also plays a role in inhibition. Over coming your hippocampus means you cooked some BBQ that smell, sight, and the thought of some BBQ that makes you just say “Hell Yeah!” means your a huge success.  The person just leaves all sense and just chows down!

Circadian Clock regulates your need to feed, nutritional absorption, intestinal motility.  

BBQ can influence all these systems.  It can overcome your self control and cause food addiction.  Tread carefully.

Eat whole foods with BBQ.  

Whole food great diet

  1. High Quality Protein – Meat from BBQSuperStars Butcher Shop
  2. Essential Fatty Acids 
  3. Range of Micronutrients, Zinc, B vitamins, magnesium, Vitamin C
  4. Range of Phytonutrients, antioxidants

Things that will influence good cognition

  1. Plants
  2. Chocolate
  3. Coffee
  4. Spices
  5. Fibre
  6. Alcohol small quanties

Best diets

  1. Mediterranean Diet
  2. Dash Diet
  3. Mediterranean-Dash Diet

The World Health Organization has said that meat cooked over 225F will cause cancer because the free radical HCA’s and PHA’s.  I say eat whole foods along with your favorite BBQ and avoid the cancer!

A shift away from Ancestral Diets has been connected to mental health problems. increased anxiety, and depression. 

Cook more BBQ and eat whole vegetables with them!