Bone in Bone out

Bone in Bone out

The bone is a great measure of cooking completion.  Back in the 40’s 50’s  60’s 70’s 80’s the bone was a source of flavor. I remember my grandma buying a bone in chuck roast so the bone would help flavor the roast.

Its all changed since then in that we have rubs, sauces, marinades, and injections that will make any piece of meat taste any way you want it. Mango Nectar, Agave Nectar powerful flavoring agents in a fruit.  The bone need for flavoring days are over but (huge but) It will help flavor what ever you cook to some extent. It will release and is the last thing to release in a well cooked piece of meat.

It seems that people what to take that away cooking till your bone releases with this ridiculous no falling off the bone.  BBQ is not fast food and will never be fast food.  Most of the attempts to keep meat on the bone but done leave the meat undone and dangerous.

Bones in Ribs are important. Bones in chicken are important for flavoring but can be replaced with seasoning. In chicken the structure of the meat is changed so drastically it will turn people off. Chicken is a type of meat that people want to look like the 8 pieces.  If it doesn’t look like the 8 pieces people associate it with formed chicken like a chicken nugget.

Boston Butts its not important. You can flavor a Boston Butt as well with bone in or one out.  It is a test of how done the butt is.  Its a thing most cooks are real proud of.

Overall Beef Bones are more important to leave in than pork. Chicken is important for shape only really.  Fish bone out, any way your can.

Costco sell Butts without the bone. Sam’s Club sell Butts with the bone in.  You can make a better Horn with a Bone in. The over all flavor with rubs and sauces will be no different.

Bone in Bone out