Blackstone Grills

Our founders are outdoor enthusiasts that dreamed of a quality outdoor griddle that could cook for large groups or families. In 2005 they made their vision a reality by creating Blackstone Products. We then launched our first griddle, the 36” Blackstone Griddle. With the 36” Griddle as the cornerstone of our company we have grown considerably, improving with each passing year.

We are more than just another outdoor cooking appliance company. We focus on our consumers and never neglect the quality of our products. We are passionate about our design, quality, and functionally of our products and use our passion to ensure that our consumers are happy. We hope that our products can become a part of their daily life. Our Goal is to bring families, friends, and other groups together with the best products and tools. Blackstone Hibachi Grill.


The Company


Blackstone Products has expanded dramatically since our founding and we have created products to last a lifetime. Our products are designed and engineered in the USA. We combine the latest technology with innovation to create quality products that any person and family can afford.

At Blackstone we love to cook, specifically outdoors to create the perfect atmosphere with good food, good friends, and good times. With our signature griddle, you can create unparalleled types of food from burgers, to steaks, teppanyaki, mixed vegetables, and even a good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich. Nothing compares to griddle cooking!

Blackstone is all about maximizing the adventure, please come and explore with us. We’re confident that you’ll agree!