BBQSuperStars National Tailgating League BNTL

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BBQSuperStars is going to Sanction Tailgating Competitions


BNTL Nation Gray Clear

Lets do the Competition when the Team is away

Become a BNTL Sponsor National Tour/Advertise


Raise Money for your Organization

Alumni Associations, Athletic Dept, Booster Clubs, Tailgating Clubs, get publicity, raise money, get active in the community, start a tradition!

Have Fun get the results recognized nationally!


  • Buy a Membership To BBQSuperStars National Tailgating
  1. Individual Membership $50.00
  2. Competing (College, NFL) Team Membership $10.00
  3. College Membership
  4. Pro Team Fan Club or Organization
  5. Pro Team Membership
  6. Sanction Your Contest


  1. We will give the rules and you have to pick a date.
  2. The Season will run from August 15th – August 14th
  3. World Championship Invitational The Week Before The Super Bowl
  4. During the Season we’ll do as many contest as possible
  5. Move in on site compete on Gameday we choose.
  6. Contact for further organizational material
  • Team, Organization Registration
  1. Team members have to have a BNTL Member
  2. Colleges and NFL Teams who host an BNTL Conest have to be BNTL Members
  3. There is a Sanctioning Fee for all contest.
  4. Memberships are paid once a year. Sanctioning fees are per contest.
  5. A Sanctioned Contest Results will be added to the National Rankings.
  6. This is The Big Time for All Pro Tailgaters.


  • How does a contest work?

Contest Type 1

  1. Travel-Teams pull in on day of contest and get their sites ready
  2. First Quarter- Saturday at 8 am start cooking, food can be precooked
  3. Second Quarter-Saturday at 11:00 am Team Judging begins. 
  4. Half Time-11:30 Have the Cheerleaders and Mascot do a show! or Tailgaters
  5. Third Quarter- Gameday Judging Best Dress at 12:30 Its own Championship
  6. Fourth Quarter- Gameday Judging best Rigs Its own Championship
  7. Over Time- Gameday Judging best Tailgate Gadget Its own Championship
  8. Tally Scores and Awards show 3pm day of contest



  • Ten Possible Points in each judging category
  • 5 Judging Categories for the Overall 

Categories for Overall Winners

  1. Team Spirit
  2. Site Set up
  3. Food Presentation
  4. Food Taste
  5. Atmosphere




  1. Highest scoring Team takes Grand Tailgater
  2. Second Scoring Team take Reserve Grand Tailgater
  3. Scores are automatically entered into the competition results
  4. Scores are automatically entered into National Scores and Ranking
  5. Qualifying to compete in BBQSuperStars National Tailgating World Championship Invitational.
  6. Top 3 teams of each contest in The BNTL World Championship
  • Team of the Year
  1. Team with the Highest Average Score of up to 3 contest in the Circuit
  • Qualifying for The World Championship Invitational
  1. Win a contest
  2. The Top 10 in the points
  3. If you take 3 Reserve Grand Tailgater Awards
  • Tailgating Banquet
  1. Every Year in a place to be determined we’ll have a Banquet and The Team of the Year will be awarded.
  2. Most improved Team
  3. Best Comeback of The Year
  4. Best Team Spirit of The Year
  5. Best Cook of the Year
  6. Best Show of the Year
  7. Best Team Dress of the Year


Get your Event Sanctioned Now!



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