BBQSuperStars Competition Butcher Shop

BBQSuperStars Competition Butcher Shop

BBQSuperStars Competition Butcher Shop

Competition has always been BBQSuperStars main forte. We are proud to offer the best Competition Meat in the business. Wagyu, Compart Duroc, Steaks at the top level all sent out on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, Thursday. Thursday orders have to be shipped next day as we can’t ship to get to a location on Saturday. Saturday has been a day not good for shipping.  We will not ship out on the weekends.

Consistent product every time. Don’t change your cook for different meat get the same consistency every time right here on BBQSuperStars. 

BBQSuperStars Competition Butcher Shop

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We have one thing in mind in running this Butcher Shop is helping Teams win.  BBQSuperStars has always supported the teams and we are doing it again. Get the best meat on the market to do your next comp! We have some new meat on the horizon that may change it all and you will be able to get it here!

Its about getting it form the refrigeration to the Last Call! When you hear your name Last it means we have done our job!

BBQSuperStars Competition Butcher Shop

What we like to think of is quality. The first any top competitor will tell you is you have to start off with a good piece of meat! You have to order early don’t let that late bug catch up on you. You can order on Thursday for Friday Delivery but we will not deliver on Saturday. Your at a competition anyway.  Now you can order enough for 3 months of BBQ Competition to make sure you have the same consistency in meat. Butcher was talking about he gets enough brisket at the first of the year to last him all year so it will be consistently the same. Why? Because of feed differences over the year.  Wagyu doesn’t have that problem. They message them and give them a beer a day and a cookie!

If you make a large order you can call Hunts Point at 212 380 1273 and get your shipping reduced.  You can order 100 Wagyu Brisket what ever volume you want. If you order a large quantity it will have to be shipped in by truck anyway just call and we’ll reduce the price.

We only sell Ribs Butts and Brisket and Steaks. There are more and more Steak competitions around the country.

  • Order on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday best shipping days.
  • Order on Thursday has to be Next Day delivery we will not deliver on Saturday you at a comp anyway. 
  • Orders on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday sent out second day will be shipped on Monday.
  • Call 212 380 1273 for large orders we can lower the shipping.

BBQSuperStars Competition Butcher Shop

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Definition of Kobe Style Wagyu Meat and it’s Legendary Delicacy

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 4:39:07 PM America/New_York

Kobe Style Wagyu Beef is certainly pricey and difficult to locate in the US.  Kobe Beef A5 Grade Steak cuts are very pricey that ranges from $100 to $350 per pound even in Japan. Kobe Beef steaks are extremely different for its delicious marbling of intensive amount of fat and wealthy buttery taste. Kobe Beef comes from the breed of Black Tajima Kobe Wagyu cattle from Hyogo, Kobe Japan. Nevertheless, American Wagyu cattle have been raised in America and some other parts of the globe such as Australian Wagyu Beef. Therefore it is called Kobe-Style beef or Wagyu Beef. American Wagyu is Kobe-Style Wagyu that has been raised in the USA.


Right now you might be questioning what’s so unique about this meat and why Kobe Beef A5 Grade is so pricey.  Let’s begin using the fundamentals to answer all of your questions. .  Kobe-Style Wagyu beef cattle genetically has way more intense marbling than any Angus Beef or other beef cattle. Kobe Style Wagyu steaks have the highest level of unsaturated fat amongst all of the cattle breeds in entire globe.

After reading the above paragraph, we understand the roots of the Kobe Style Wagyu Beef Cattles and now let’s talk about how Wagyu meat buttery flavor tastes like.

When Kobe Style Wagyu Beef or Colby beef cooked incorrectly, it would taste poor and plain. Individuals who attempted cooking Colby Style Beef or Kobe Beef Style Steaks at home for their very first time frequently get disappointing results. Nevertheless, if you cook it the right way, you will certainly have the best steaks which will have sweet tasting with extremely rich juicy and buttery flavor melting in your mouth. If you are first time cooking Wagyu Beef, one of the most important keys is to make it sure that you will be cooking Kobe beef in a preheated Cast Iron on open flames, or BBQ it on an open grill.

Japanese Kobe Beef Cattle drink Sake and Beer!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 7:36:07 PM America/New_York

The famous Japanese Beef coming from Kobe, Hyogo Japan are in reality coming from brushed cattle. Because when it’s insufficient that they're getting fed along with draft beer to boost their hunger in the course of summer time. Wagyu beef raisers comb Wagyu Cattle's coat layer with Japanese alcoholic beverage Sake!


 Numerous meat suppliers within Japan think that the gentleness on the skin is directly relevant with the top quality of beef that they yield. More shinier coat means, that the cattle has more marbled and tender meat.  That has been said which combing cattle's fur with alcoholic beverage, sake relaxes the cattle to substantially enhance their looks as well as gentleness. Consequently, it's completely of monetary significance.  This particular idea may seem ridiculous, however if you can't avoid the flavor of Kobe Wagyu Beef, you should accept the concept. 


it performed an essential part within the good reputation for Japan.  Certainly, there was obviously a period in earlier times once the Japanese people were constantly involved into combat.  In the course of this period, Japanese military was often given with meat within their getting ready course of action. 


That was Japanese Kobe Beef that was believed by Japanese people in that era to improve them all, so that as when to confirm about its honesty, the members of the military always came up home the winner.  Nonetheless, community folks believed eating Japanese Kobe Beef ought to be done outdoors simply because carrying out.  The result was to eat meat outdoors to win all the battles.


Tips to Grill Meats Manually
Tuesday, August 13, 2013 6:23:14 PM America/New_York
The best way to Grill Meats Manual - Tips to Grill Kobe Beef Steaks Manually

1. You can purchase Kobe Beef New York Strip Steaks, or Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks on The Butcher Shop. We ship steaks in frozen format via Fedex 2nd day delivery.
2. Once you receive the frozen steaks from The Butcher Shop, you may follow these steps to have the best results for your grilling experience with Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks or Kobe Beef NY Strip Steaks.
3. We may begin leading you with the most significant factors regarding grilling Kobe Beef Meat and Steaks You have to grill Kobe Beef Steaks, Kobe Meat, Kobe Beef Ribeye Steaks pretty much evenly. Therefore you have to unfreeze frozen Kobe Beef Ribeye Steaks which is one of the most important measures to own the most effective BBQed steaks. Kobe Style Wagyu beef Ribeye Steaks or Kobe Style Wagyu New york Strip Steaks stays on the kitchen counter for around 45 minutes within normal temperature of a room.
4. Kobe Style Wagyu Kobe Beef Ribeye steaks or Kobe Style Wagyu Meat NY Strip Steaks are well marbled which are extremely tender with buttery juicy flavor. You have to use three tbl spoons Olive Oil, preferably Extra Virgin Olive oil to rub it on the steaks to seal the steaks.
5. Now, it’s time to use seasoning. Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks or Kobe Beef New York Strip Steaks are very tasty and juicy, therefore, you do not need to use any extra seasoning. Let use little seasoning. In a little cup, add little salt, freshly grounded black pepper and mashed fresh garlic or garlic powder. After rubbing steaks with olive oil, sprinkle steaks with the seasoning mixture that we made in a little cup. Then rub it on each steaks and let the steaks sit in room environment for about 20 minutes so the rub sticks on the beef steaks.
6. Then you need to have high heat to grill the steaks. Start your grill and increase the heat of the grill and wait until the grill gets very hot. You have the coat on each Kobe Beef Steaks or Colby Style Steaks to have a great layer of seasoning to enjoy on your steaks. Now your steaks are ready to go on your overheated grill to cook beautifully. One other excellent grilling technique is to have your grill’s direct heat around 600 degrees which will cook your Colby Style or Kobe Style Wagyu steaks very quickly. This way, the juice will stay in steaks and the seasoning rub will create an excellent coat to keep the juice in the steaks. The key is to grilling delicious Kobe Beef Ribeye Steaks is to cook steaks in direct heat without keeping it on the grill for a long time. If you keep your meat longer on the grill, moisture will leave the meat, and you will not enjoy the juicy texture. So, grill it on a very high temperature for a short time, and keep the lid closed until grill heats at its peek.
7. The moment grill becomes hot and nice, clean your grill with scraper, and wire grill brushes. You can also use vegetable oil or olive oil to make your life easier. Once you have your grill cleaned the right way go ahead and grill your steaks. Find out the hottest locations of the grill, and locate your Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks or Kobe Style Wagyu New York Strip Steaks on the grill and keep those there about 2 minutes without touching it.
8. Watch the grill marks which are important to identify cooked steaks from uncooked steaks. The caramelization of the steaks give a very delicious taste to the steaks. Once you see the steaks are caramelized, you should flip the other sides of the steaks and make it sure that you keep the steaks on the grill for about 5 minutes on each side separately.
9. Do not flip the steaks more than twice if you keep the steaks on a grill longer period of times. Flipping steaks over will drain the juice out of your steaks and your steaks will loose its taste and dry out quickly. However, if you are grilling yout Kobe beef Rib Eye Steak at 600 degrees with a faster method, it is okay to flip your meat couple more times. In order to grill a juicy steak, you don’t want to flip your steaks often, so the juice will not leave the steaks. Also it is important that you never use a regular fork to flip your steaks. Fork will open holes on the surface of your steaks and it will leak all of the juice from there.
10. You should rotate you Kobe Beef Steaks one more time and end of 3 minutes rotate your stake to the other side again. Then grill for an additional 3 minutes, and check to see if your steaks are cooked the way you like. If you want your Kobe beef New York Strip Steaks to be well done, you can keep your steak on the grill for additional 2 minutes on each side. Once you see the grill marks on your Kobe Style Wagyu Beef steaks, your steaks are ready to go.
11. Let you Kobe beef rib Eye steaks rest after you cooked them! Once you have your Kobe Beef wagyu Rib Eye steaks grilled the way you desire, place those steaks on a plate. After waiting 5 minutes, you will have very delicious juicy tender Kobe Beef Rib Eye Steaks ready to enjoy. It goes perfect with mashed potato and coleslaw.

Kobe Beef Price Per lb

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 11:01:38 AM America/New_York

Kobe meat is coming from Japanese Kobe Cow,  that has a Japanese title offered towards the meat created by produced from black variety cows that is associated with Wagyu cows particularly in Tajima. In Japan, there is a government associated agency to control the quality and consistency of Tajima Black cattle to be maintained to provide exactly the same high quality up to now thus far.


 Kobe meat is called Kobe wagyu which is Japanese Cow, and Wagyu Niku (in Japanese Niku means meat) that arrives in the Kobe cows in Hyogo Japan. Kobe beef will be the globe well-known Japanese beef, recognized to the best Kobe meats, patties and meat burgers.

Over the centuries, travelling all over the world continues to be a lot simpler within this age using the help associated with newest technology. Obstacles of conversation, customs, and ethnic culture together with a large amount of individuals whose experiences to be observed to vanish using the passageway of one's time. We currently benefit from the variety of technology within the life styles existence and one particular element for the growing style and selection in foods.

Japanese Tajima Kobe Beef breeders have to satisfy high quality restrictions and follow restrict rules that has placed by Japanese Government and related associations to protect the quality and consistency such as:


1.         The Tajima cow has to come from the identical farms

2.         Kobe beef must be 100% pure to make certain wholesomeness

3.         Processed within slaughter facilities in Hyogo, Japan solely

4.         The cattle ought to be given birth to in Kobe City, Tajima area, Hyogo Prefecture solely

5.         The marble texture ratio would be to be a minimum of degree six

Before the arrival associated with advancement all of us failed to believe earlier people cooked loaves of bread, have transformed and changed over time. We appreciate a number of dishes similar to, French, Italian, Mediterranean as well as Japan. Over the years Japan have created brand called “Made in Japan” where many of us consider made in Japan items and goods are good quality products. Kobe Beef, Wagyu Beef is one of Japanese product that has its brand and quality where it is very famous all around the world.

 Kobe Wagyu or Kobe beef might be very quickly notable among every other kind regarding beef, Kobe Steaks. Kobe Beef has credited to their fantastic taste, gentle and tender sensation, together with a truly skinny body fat that provides it the marbled texture and consistency. This selection contains super high end meats which is accessible in few high end online stores such as Huntspoint Steaks <> website. Kobe Beef A5 Grade steaks are pricey in comparison towards the nearby beef we've been consuming in the US. The number of Tajima cattle raised every year in Japan is limited to less than 3,000 per year. The traditional rules and restrictions by the authorities make Kobe Beef’s costs go high.

 Today even in Department Stores in Japan, A5 Grade Tajima Kobe Beef sells around $100 to $200 per pound. All these rules, restrictions, special feed increases Kobe Wagyu prices tremendously. Kobe Beef price is higher than any Black angus beef, due to its quality and limited quantity breed in Kobe, Japan.  A5 Grade Kobe Beef Steaks quality moved Kobe Beef brand from a simple cow meat to the world’s best kinds of cattle meat which is elevated like nobleman and given with special treats. There are expenditures raising Kobe Tajima cattle such as maintaining cows bodily match and energetic by supplying every day massages which assist in reducing muscle mass stiffness and thus appears to become the primary factors for this type of tender meat.


BBQSuperStars Competition Butcher Shop

Authentic Tajima Kobe beef has healthy Omega 3 fatty acids which supports your heart health, improves cholesterol levels, and can even lower your blood pressure. Eat Tajima Kobe beef and live a healthy life.

The world’s best beef is Japanese Kobe beef with an A5 grade , which means it offers the best marbling, taste and tenderness. But beyond the enjoyment of having Kobe beef asNew York Strip Steaks or Tajima Kobe Beef Wagyu steaks eating Kobe beef can also improve your health, thanks to the Kobe beef’s very high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, which can help improve your cholesterol levels and improve your heart health.

Eat beef to lower your cholesterol?

This is not what most people who struggle to control their cholesterol levels are told by their doctors, the media, and their friends, who are likely to say that red meat intake should be limited, and may be avoided entirely.

The truth is a little more complicated: Red meat that is available in local meat stores contains both mostly Omega 6 fatty acids and some Omega 3 fatty acids, which are both essential to health, but they need to be in balance. In most red meat, they’re not—there’s too much Omega 6 and not enough Omega 3, which leads to higher levels of “bad” cholesterol which is also called LDL. LDL (bad cholesterol) circulates in the blood and slowly build up in the inner walls of the arteries which supports the brain and heart. LDL (bad) cholesterol can form a thick deposit narrows the arteries from the inner walls and cause very serious issues for us such as stroke, and Coronary Artery Disease or Coronary Heart Disease also simply called heart disease which is No. 1 killer in the US.

Tajima Japanese Kobe beef on the other hand has the right balance, with more Omega 3 and less Omega 6, a better ratio which lowers your “bad” cholesterol, LDL, increases your “good” cholesterol HDL levels as well as lowers triglyceride levels in the blood and improves your overall heart health, and has been shown to lower blood pressure. Eating Tajima Japanese Wagyu Kobe Beef steaks which has a healthy amount of Omega 3 fatty acids can also help people with diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, skin problems, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and a range of mental health problems including depression, bipolar disorder, and cognitive decline. Studies have also suggested that Omega 3 fatty acids can prevent some kinds of cancer.

What about eating fish, or taking supplements?

It’s true that fish can also be a good source of Omega 3, but high mercury levels in much of the fish on the market these days can negate the health benefits provided by Omega 3s. Taking supplements can also be effective, but as with many other dietary supplements, it’s better to get the vital nutrients you need in the food you eat, not in a pill. (Many of our customers are doctors, and they’ll tell you the same thing—if you want to be healthy, focus on the food you eat)

Why buy Kobe beef from BBQSuperStars?

BBQSuperStars works with a company who is one of the very first, and very few, importers of Japanese Kobe Wagyu steaks, which have only been available in the United States since 2012. Anything offered before then wasn’t authentic, and even now, many restaurants and outlets unknowingly offer fake Kobe beef, or “Kobe-style” beef. Some may even know that their Kobe beef isn’t real, but don’t be fooled: BBQSuperStars works with a company only offers certified Kobe beef with an A5 grade, which means it’s the very best of the best, and is made from only about 3,000 Japanese Tajima cattle per year. BBQSuperStars works with a company also supplies 100% Authentic Japanese Kobe beef to Restaurants, Catering companies as well as high end clubs. BBQSuperStars works with a company has a direct line to the farms which raise, prepare, and ship the small amount of true Kobe Wagyu beef that makes it to the U.S. each year. Get yours today.

Our Best Seller Japanese Tajima Kobe Beef Ribeye steaks come in several different packages, starting as low as $319.95! This offer is only available for a limited time—buy online today! Eat a healthy diet, live a healthy life!

BBQSuperStars offers special wholesale prices for Japanese Tajima Kobe Beef steaks. To learn more, contact us by email or call 212-380-1273. Phone hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time every day. We guarantee the quality of all of our Tajima Kobe Beef products.

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