BBQSuperStars BBQ Bomb

BBQSuperStars BBQ Bomb

Pork Loin, Top Round, Chicken Breast, with Green Peppers,  Onions, with Prego regular sauce, Pofk O licious BBQ Sauce.

Inject the top round with French’s Worcestershire Sauce and Dale’s Seasonings.  Mix in equal parts.  Then inject some Parkay Liquid butter.  Put the butter directly into the shaft of the injector.

The butter flows into the cylinder and goes out the needle without a glitch.

Inject the Chicken with straight butter.We put some Dale’s in it by incidents it wasn’t exactly an accident.

Put the meats on till they are done, 160 F internal temperature in the Chicken, 135 F  in the pork loin, and 190 F.  The pork and beef need to be wrapped half way through.  Put some apple juice in both to help soften them up.

The flavor the Royal Oak and Tucker Cook instill in the meat will be the center of attention when we put this all together.

Roll out the biscuit dough and put a coat of butter on then put the cut up pork, beef and chicken down the center.  Then put the cooked onions, green peppers on top. Then put a layer of Prego and BBQ Sauce over the whole thing. Lastly put on Mozzarella Cheese on top. Now wrap all this in to the biscuit dough and coat with butter. You can coat the outside with BBQ Sauce and what ever you want. I liked it better with just butter.  Then put it back into the Tucker Cooker and cook at 250 F to 350 F till the biscuit dough is done, inside ingredients are all ready done.  

Now its time to eat!