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There are a lot of different ways of cooking ribs.

BBQ Cooking Time Line bbq ribs

BBQ Cooking Time Line bbq ribs


MBN Ribs

Memphis BBQ Cooks usually put Frenches Mustard on their ribs as a binding agent. Everyone takes the membrane off the back of the ribs.



Sweet Tomato Base

KCBS BBQ Cooks almost always do St. Louis style ribs. If you get a full rack of belly ribs they have to be trimmed down to St Louis Cut.  The membrane removed from the back. Some cooks will take extra meat off the top to allow the ribs to cook evenly. Some cooks like to get a spoon and take fat off the back of the ribs.  Some cooks like to keep the fat on the back of the ribs on.  Ribs as a thin piece of meat and can be over cooked easily. You have to know your temperatures and watch your temperature.

BBQSuperStar is a video Website. We have a ton of Rib Prep on BBQSuperStars.


  1. Choose a good rack of ribs. Look for cuts and marks across the top of the ribs before you purchase a rack of ribs.
  2. IBP ribs are highly used.  Compart Durac has moved into BBQ Competition they are doing a lot of sponsorship.  Smithfield is almost no used in competition.
  3. Trim you ribs down to St Louis Style. The pork will come out to the end of the bone but as you cook the ribs it will pull back off the bone and the bone will move out.
  4. Once your ribs are trimmed to St Louis then put on your rubs. Some BBQ Cooks will put a base rub on for the first 2 hours as to allow smoke to penetrate but some added flavor. When the base rub is applied place the ribs in a Zip Lock bag and put them into the refrigerator.  You can wait 15 minutes and leave them on the counter. Some cooks like to leave them in the cooler in ice for a couple hours. When you get your ribs out to cook leave them out till they come to room  temperature.
  5. Rub your ribs down with a base coat again. Buzz’s Butt Dust is a good base rub. Blues Hog Rub is a good rub. Bub-Ba-Q rub is a great rub for ribs also.  While your ribs are coming to room temperature get your grill out and light it.
  6. You need to try and get your grill up to 300 degree before you put your ribs on. Low and Slow cooks can go up to 225 degrees. Hot and Fast let them cook for 2 hours,  Low and Slow 4 hours. Don’t open the grill for at least and hour. Get a Spray container of apple juice and spray the ribs at one hour.
  7. At 1 hour at hot and fast temp get out the tin foil. Lay down two layers of tin foil on the counter. Get one rack of ribs out and place them on the foil.  Make sure the foil is at least 6 inches longer than the ribs on each side.
  8. Put brown sugar and butter all over your ribs. Go to The Jack Daniel’s Super Pak to see this demonstrated. Then put a mixture of half apple juice and half pineapple into the foil. You can add Guava Nectar.
  9. Wrap you ribs by bringing the length up and rolling it down the center and pulling each end up. This is called a Texas Crutch.
  10. Then put them back into the cooker at 275 degrees. Leave them in their for 1 hour. Ever time you take out your ribs you got to add some more rub from here on out.
  11. After an hour take them out and take them out of the aluminum foil.  Put a different rub on. Cimarron Doc’s and Smokin Guns is often used.
  12. Put the ribs back into the smoker for 30 minutes. Then take out the ribs and put them on a piece of tin foil.  Take a squeeze bottle a big one, or two squeeze bottles and sock them ribs in your favorite BBQ Sauce. Start on the back turn over to the front and all the ends.  Then get some Smokin Guns and put a light coad over the top of the ribs with sauce on them again.
  13. Some Cooks will grown the Smoking Guns a second time as to make it almost a powder. Put a light coat over them again and put them back into the cooker for 20-30 minutes.
  14. When you take them out they should be done at 300 degrees.  Cook Times should look like 80-60-30-30 minutes. First time in 80 min, second time 60, third 30 minutes, last time 30 minutes.
  15. When you take them out get a brush and just straightened out the sauce.
  16. When you cut your ribs apart there are 2 ways to do it. Hollywood cut where you waste every other bone and leave as much meat on the good bones as possible. Regular cut where you evenly allow the meat to say on all bones.
  17. Electric Knife works better then a regular sharp knife if you not used to cutting them apart.
  18. Combination of Rubs is the whole key, some people will use Obie Cue Texas Seasoning instead of Cimarron Doc’s. 
At home preps

Don’t through away your trimmings. Make Sausage, or cook them also.

Don’t Boil your Ribs!