BBQ Pit Boys

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BBQ Pit Boys Youtube Channel

The BBQ Pit Boys put modern day BBQ on the map.  BBQSuperStars would not be in existence if it wasn’t for BBQ Pit Boys.  I was working 80 hours a week all over the state. I worked in 22 different stores in one month and worked a 27 hour day, 24 hour day, and two 21 hour days.  One day when I was burnt out I looked up “How do you cook BBQ?” I found a website called BBQ on the Internet.  It was terrible! So I looked around some more and found “The BBQ Pit Boys.”  I hit the video and it was cooking.

A Bacon Bomb.  I played the video and this song came on “I’m going down to the house of sausage!” “I got my BBQ Shows on!” I never forget what happened.  Man was it a day I’ll never forget.  They got a long barrel gun and shot a man with a deer skin on.  Chicken, Ribs, Steak, making rubs calling them Memphis style rubs, North Carolina Style BBQ, I watched them all the time.  I had some big cook out in the back yard.  While I was watching BBQ Pit Boys I went to there website and so many people from all over the world were starting chapters.

Germany, New Zealand, Britain, Russia, Australia, every corner of the world. You know the most members any sanctioning body had at that time was 300.  I built a brick grill in the back yard. I got a spit to cook a whole hog and cooked a couple 175 pound whole hog about 5 or 6 times.  My sister came over and said I aught to start a website.

You know I’ve had the best time I’ve ever had doing BBQ and its all because of the BBQ Pit Boys.  That main character just starts talking and all the problems in the world just went away.

Its BBQ Pit and today we are going to be doing some hamburgers on the grill. He would move his hands and have his hat down.  He never said a word it was all voice over.  It made me realize that life isn’t all about pay checks, degrees, and being the top of your industry.  Its about living life every day and enjoying yourself.

Now today I realize once again, there are people out there trying to make every cent they can off BBQ. Not BBQ Pit Boys. There a great bunch of guys who are the coolest guys on earth.  Every time they took to the set they did it to have fun. I know they ate a lot of great food on the way to having a lot of fun.

I’m going down the the house of sausage.  I love BBQ, I love BBQ Pit Boys. I never bought a shirt or a chapter letter.  I wish I could catch a little of that magic that they harnessed every time they fired up the Weber Grill.  I love the sunshine around my house.  I love to go out on the BBQSuperStars set and prep some BBQ and feed my boys and wife and the neighbors on a Saturday.

I guess I’ve helped the process along the last 4 years.  I talked to him once. He may or may not know what he has done.  In 20 years someone else will try to take credit for what he and his friends did. Let this page on BBQSuperStars after my death and forever more attest to the fact that BBQ Pit Boys is responsible for Modern Day BBQ and no one else. Back when Sanctioning Bodies were a few guys getting together and cooking for kicks.  BBQ Pit Boys were starting chapters all over the world.  Those video’s on Youtube were worth more than Gold.

For all you do, BBQSuperStars Salutes you. BBQ Pit Boys You are the real Champions for all times of the great past time ever created. Lets go out in the back yard and slow life down, lets kick off our shoes, crank up the grill, lets cook some good BBQ, drink some Beer, dance a little, talk a little and go in and lay down and sleep full and feeling good. That is what life is all about. That is the gift BBQ Pit Boys shared with with the world.

 Hit the link BBQ Pit Boys Youtube Channel and watch history but learn about BBQ. Use the information to have fun.

Life Time achievement award for being the all time leader in BBQ! You are in the BBQSuperStars BBQ Hall of Fame