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BBQ Meat Preparation

          1. It starts with choosing meat. You have to start off with a good product.
          2. Beef you want good marbling but not too much fat as beef fat doesn’t disappear in the cook. images (1)
          3. Pork good marbling and an inch or less fat cap.pork
          4. Chicken that is organic takes a lot less work than regular Chicken .
          5. Pork Ribs have to be uniform and consistent look across the rib. thumb_COLOURBOX6589527

          1. When you start trimming any type of meat you want it cold. Cold meat has stiffer fat and meat that will cut easy and controllable.
          2. Washing your meat off can be a good thing and a bad thing. Water makes the meat consistency different. Brine-ing adds water that is good. Adding water to meat changes its cooking temperature and how it will act in the cooker. In the end its all the same. You definitely want your meat clean of bones and debris. 
          3. When you start to do BBQ meat preparation make sure you have good sharp knives. The quality of knife you use will determine what your end result will be. If you cook bbq often get some good knives. A good brand name, we have them on BBQSuperStars BBQSuperStore
          4. Temperature when you do BBQ meat preparation is different then cooking temperature. When you go to put prepared meat on the grill of smoker should be at room temperature. When you trim it should be refrigerated temperature.
          5. BBQ Meat Preparation has two phases.
          6. Phase one is the trim.
          7. Phase two is the flavoring.
          8. Trim, Inject, Brine, Re-inject, Rub, Smoke, Wrap, Sauce, Set the Glaze, Glaze, Serve
          9. Phase one the meat has to be done at refrigerator temperature.
          10. Phase two the meat should be at room temperature.
          11. On Pork look for bone fragments or bone pieces that are still attached to the butt, ribs, loin, or what ever cut.
          12. On Chicken look for feathers on all chicken parts. If you cut the bone of chicken look for fragments. 
          13. On Beef look for bone fragments and large amounts of fat pockets as beef fat doesn’t cook away. The fat gels instead of melt,
          14. Chicken Skin should be thin and no fat on the back.
          15. Membranes on Pork are a primary concern. Membranes on any meat is a problem.
          16. Beef cuts are important in nomenclature.  Most of them are cooked the same way.
          17. Beef is about Beef Flavor. Its not about fruit or other flavoring agents. Salt, Pepper, Beef Flavor. Apple sauce type flavor is finding its way into Beef.
          18. Apple juice in Beef causes the Beef to be falling apart done.