BBQ Cooking Time Line

BBQ Cooking Time Line

What is meant by Time Line Cooking?

When you practice cooking one type of BBQ for a 30 day period what happens when you take notes is a pattern arises. Like Boston Butts for example. It takes a certain amount of time for each step as long as you use the same Company Product, and the same size Product.


Boston Butt Time Line

Friday Night

Competition Cook or adjust time for Backyard Tailgate

5 pm Trim- Meat of any kind trims better if it is below 45 degrees. When it gets to warm its harder to handle.

5:30 pm Inject and inject, then brine place in a Zip Lock Bag you can buy at Lowe’s Home Improvement. Put it in a cooler on ice or in a refrigerator. Do Not Freeze for the next day.


Saturday Mourning

4 am Take it out of the refrigerator

4 am Re-inject your Butt and rub it down with at least 3 rubs.

4:15 am put put it in the smoker at 300 F

7 am take the butts out and wrap them in a boat.  Put rub one each but all three and add Agave Nectar, butter, apple juice, grape juice, blueberry juice, other type juices.

10:45 am take the butts out one set at 185 F and other at 195 F internal temperature. Open the foil to slow the cooking process so the temperature will not continue to rise.

11 am put them butts in the Cambro for 15 minutes

11:15 am Save the juice and take the Butt out of the foil. Sauce it down with your favorite sauce, put it back on the cooker for 20 minutes. 

11:35 am Pan your Butts Put the juice you saved in the pan and work your Butts. Make a competition box or chop and serve.

That is a Time Line for Back Yard cooks. If you stick with a Time Line you should be able to get the same product every time.

Brisket Time Line

Friday Night

5 pm Trim your Brisket 10 pounds or more. Smaller Briskets have to be adjusted.

BBQ Cooking Time Line

BBQ Cooking Time Line

5:30 pm Inject and rub your Brisket. Place in a Zip Lock Bag and put it in the cooler or refrigerator until time to put on the Cooker. New school of thought is to inject and brine over night then rub the day before so it won’t pull the moisture out of your meat. Rub 15 minutes before you put in the smoker. 

Saturday Morning

4 am Take your Brisket out of the cooler and let it come to room Temperature.

4:15 am Put another layer of Rub on your brisket and put it on the cooker at 300 degrees.

7:15 am Take your Brisket out and put it on two layers of foil. Make a bowl out of the foil. Pour you combination of liquids into the bowl. Brisket 12 Moore’s Marinade. Guava Nectar, Some of you injection, some of your rub then put two layers of foil over the top and roll the sides together. Leave a vent in one corner. Put your Brisket back out. 300 Degrees.

10 am Take your brisket out of the cooker Internal Temperature 200 F  and put it in the Cambro.

10:30am Take your brisket out of the Cambro and Serve it to your friends. Here is how to cut up a Brisket.

Ribs Time Line

Saturday Morning

5 am Trim your ribs

6 am Rub down your ribs

6:15 am put your ribs on at 300 F

8:15 am Take your ribs out lower temp 275 F

8:15 am wrap your ribs 

10:15 am take ribs out of wrap and sauce them on both sides

10:20 am put them back in the cooker at 225 F

10:30 am take them out and put on a glaze put them back in

10:35 am put another coat of glaze on and put them back in

10:40 am apply honey cut them up turn them in

8:15 am take the ribs off and place them on 2 layers of foil. Put Brown Sugar and Butter all over both top and bottom. Then put honey all over the top. Lift the two sides up and put a little apple juice in the foil then roll down the middle and fold up the ends. Put the ribs back on the cooker.

10:15 am Take the ribs back off. Take them out of the foil. Sauce the Ribs down heavy.  Put them back on the cooker.

10:40 am Take the Ribs off the cooker let the rest for 30 minutes and serve. If you have a while put them in foil and put them in the cambro until time to serve. 

Ribs Memorial Day 2016

Ribs Memorial Day 2016 Gluten Free


Chicken Time Line

Friday Morning

5 pm Trim your chicken

6:30 pm put your chicken in a Ziplock Bag and put your brine in it. Put it in the cooler or Refrigerator

Saturday Morning

8 am Get the Chicken out of the cooler or refrigerator pour the brine off the chicken and let the Chicken come up to room temperature.

8:15 am Rub the Chicken down and put it in the pan with butter.

Put the top side up. Put the pan into smoker at 300 degrees. Let it cook for 45 minutes.Chicken

9 am am take the Chicken out and turn the chicken over. Put the Chicken back into the cooker for 15-30 minutes.

9:25 Take the chicken back out and dunk it in sauce Put the Chicken back in at 275 degrees

9:35 Take the Chicken back out and dunk it again. Get your sauce hot. Put it back in at 250 degrees.

9:45 am take them out and serve them. 

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