Bacon Weave Meatloaf Loaded

Bacon Weave Meatloaf Loaded

What does it take to make a magic meat loaf?  Little planning know how and work.  Hamburger is a very different things. 90% meat, 10% fat – 80% meat, 20% fat – 70% meat, 30% fat. meatloaf  What do you choose.  When it comes to meat loaf 90%/10% is what you want.

When you start out get your vegetables done first. Green Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms.  Cook them in butter till they are real soft.  They will cook a little in the hamburger meat but not a lot.  The cooking has to be done before you put them in the meat.

Hamburger is flavored better if the flavoring agents are put in the meat to start with then put some on top.  It takes a lot to flavor a big piece of meat like a meatloaf.  

Put in these ingredients into the meat.

6 pounda of Hambuger

1 pack Brown Gravy
2 cups Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms cooked in butter

2 oz of Zarda Steak Rub

2 oz of American Stock Yard Rub

1 oz Cowtown Steak Rub

Then pack the middle of the meatloaf with Onion, Green Peppers, and Mushrooms.  Put on Hoochie Mama Salt Pepper Garlic Rub down the the top at that point. See Video.  Then pack the center load of OGM into the center covered in hamburger.

Then do your weave.  Make sure you keep the bacon close and tight to make a great weave.  Make sure you got enough bacon to do a good job covering the meatloaf. meatloaf

Then cover the outside of the meatloaf with Hoochie Mama and Sucklebuster Salt Pepper Garlic.  Once its covered with rub then put it in the weave.  You have to support the hamburger with the cutting board.  Slide to the right place you only have one chance.

Once you get it on the bacon, then make the bottom of the meatloaf the top.  Turn it over when you put it on the smoker.  Putting rub on top of the bacon is really a waist of time.  Nothing is as good as bacon.  Why even try to add to that.

Cook it for 3 hours or till done for 3 hours.   When the bacon gets cook and caramelized the hamburger will be done.

Here it is