Alveron Cookers

Alveron Cookers

John Haney Owner of Alveron Custom Cookers


2007 PigTales - Alveron BBQ Co.


John Haney is a great BBQ Cook. He doesn't advertise. He doesn't promote himself he just builds a great cooker. Its a direct grill that does magic to whole hogs, butts, and anything you put on it. I can't see how he has been able to make a direct grill that does the magic it does.

Alveron Cookers has changed South Carolina BBQ. The South Carolina BBQ Association cooks have all bought into Alveron Cookers because it does such a good job of cooking Butts. South Carolina BBQ is all about Boston Butts and different parts of that Butt and John 61039_130848783630791_6999345_nHaney has made it his business to cook those Butts to perfection. He has come out now with a patio model that is second to none. What is Alveron Cookers all about. Simply the best. All these offsets on this description list are the best ever made. Don't drink the tea, Don't buy junk. Buy a life time of smiles and family fun. Be the man at the Tailgate, at the church function, at the moment no one will ever forget. These cookers will never let you down BBQSuperStars will guarantee.

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