Alcohol Mixes

Alcohol Mixes

5 Best Cocktails & Mixed Drinks For Your Next BBQ Party


Anyone that plans a BBQ party takes everything into consideration from the meat to the side dishes and entertainment too. However, even though these are the essentials, have you ever considered making your party memorable by placing more thought into your drinks?


Hostesses regard canapes as the element that makes the event outstanding, but pair your canapes and food with cocktails, mocktails and mixed drinks to add that special touch. You do not need to be an expert to make delicious cocktails as when you have a cocktail shaker and fresh ingredients. A good suggestion is to invest in one of the best cocktail ice machines since your ice plays an important part in making a decent drink.


Ginger Mule


This is an amazingly refreshing drink that everybody will talk about for a long time. Use a cocktail shaker to muddle 6 mint leaves. Now add 1 1/2 ounces gin, juice of half lime and 1-ounce agave syrup. Shake it well and strain your mixture over a cocktail glass filled with ice and add 2 ounces ginger beer.




Men often think that cocktails are too feminine and choose to stick to their beer. However, they would love a cocktail too, especially when it includes one of their favorite ingredients, beer. Very few party cocktails have beer as main ingredients and this Mexican cocktail will keep your male guests coming back for more!


Use a tall, chilled beer glass and rim the outside with a piece of lime. Place a bit of salt in a small plate and rim the edge by pressing your glass into the salt. Take two-thirds of a lime and squeeze out the juice into the prepared glass and drop the squeezed-out limes into the glass. Now add teaspoon hot sauce and 2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce. Top this with ice and add a pilsner style beer and stir to have the perfect mixed drink any man (or woman) will love.


Cucumber Vodka Spritz


A refreshing drink that will compliment your BBQ party, especially on hot summer days and evenings is a combination of fresh mint and cucumber spears with a few special ingredients. This is a cocktail you can make ahead of time and guests can help themselves. Take one English cucumber and using a blender, puree it. Pour this pureed cucumber through a strainer into a cocktail bowl, but leave the solid pieces. Add 1 tablespoon agave nectar, ¼ cup fresh lime juice, cup vodka to the cucumber juice and stir. Add one can lime sparkling water and your cocktail is complete. When serving, fill a glass with ice and pour the cocktail over, then garnish with mint sprig and a cucumber spear.


Rum Punch


A spirit lifting punch that you can make in a large batch will always be a winner. This punch makes a gallon and is simple yet delicious. Mix together in your punch bowl a 750-ml white rum, 32-ounces pineapple juice, 32-ounces orange juice, 32-ounces cranberry juice, 12-ounces of water and a can of lemonade. A tip is to make it one or two days ahead of your party for flavors to blend perfectly, but you can whip it up right before your event too.


Virgin Watermelon Margarita


A refreshing mocktail that will leave your non-drinking guests coming back for more is a watermelon-based drink. You add a classy elegance to your party when you scoop out the flesh, you need and after mixing the ingredients, pour it back into the watermelon by cutting the top to make a bowl. Use a blender and puree a medium watermelon, which should give you between 4 and 6 cups of puree. Add 4 teaspoons agave and 5 cups fresh lime juice and stir well. Pour a ¼ cup of the mocktail into a glass, top with sparkling water and enjoy!


When you consider anyone of these cocktails for your next BBQ party, you will add a touch of elegance and class to your event. Keep in mind though that drinking without eating is always a bad idea. Serving refreshing cocktails with canapes before and during your BBQ is what we suggest unless your guest prefer your delicious virgin watermelon margarita. These cocktails are chosen because they pair well with any meats, chicken, seafood or vegan dishes and sides you serve at your BBQ party.

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